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I came across a post on Steam a few minutes ago about this guy in the Steam group talking about how this company, Night Dive Studios, re-released old games and one of them was 'Shadow Man', which was also by Acclaim. The guy sent them an e-mail saying 'hey, I like what you're doing, check out this game called "Machines: Wired for War" (pretty much) and the company replied saying they'd look into it.

So, I did some looking around and I found their Wiki page, and thought ok, this is a neat idea. I scrolled down to find a table full of all of their past re-releases. Then I scrolled down to 2015... 2016... and the last year, 2017. There are only 3 titles planned for this year - and the very last one is Machines! It doesn't show any specific date, but this is basically what it looks like:

The Wiki page for Night Dive:

I have no clue if this is new news or if this has been known for a while, but it would be super cool to see this game come out again and get the attention it's always deserved.

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