So, I've had this idea: the first named commander in (Open)Machines. What does it do? Are you going to play with him in the "campaign" mode? These are the questions I've been asking to myself when I thought 'bout it.

But first: Silus is, basically, one of those top-field commanders that control everything from afar. They won't rush into the battle directly; instead they use something like terminals and communication beacons to administer everything they need to.

And Silus is one of the first "Overlord" type commanders that can do almost everything they want (of course if they can). And if there's someone attacking the base, Silus also has got a lot of powerful weaponry.

I've also thought that it would be pretty neat to make different campaign parts that usually end with a huge operation; an operation before the year 3297. It would extend the storyline, I suppose.