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Final Assault

The very last mission is challenging. My refined strategy is to press directly west from the starting point once the base has been established (smelter & a few scavengers to continue building Judas' and warlords/commandants with healing ability) with a Judas and capture as you go, killing reapers and saving anything you can capture. I send vortex singularity units to the smelter because they often kill my own units.

Once you press West, you attack the civilian factories and have a few captured units hang out there to kill any constructors that try to rebuild them. Soon all constructors will be destroyed, making it impossible for the enemy to replenish any destroyed factories.

Once the constructor population withers, I send in a strike team that destroys the four light infantry factories directly North-North-East of the starting point. This is usually done with a first person Gorilla that I capture, and the strike is done by masterfully toggling between the different weapons systems by pressing Tab and hitting one building with missiles while punching another. That will severely reduce the amount of pressure the main area experiences.

From that point on, if the Gorilla survives, I'll continue north and start destroying bases until he is killed.

Then I switch to the southeast front and press north in a clockwise fashion, capturing units as they are built from factories and using them to attack the factories while I press on in my Judas.

It takes a while and a lot of micromanaging using the Pause button, but I believe this strategy is one of the most effective.

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The game, resources, tools, and various files
Machines: The Game

@ILFree said:

Ребят, здрасте. У меня вопрос: Почему перестал работать звук в игре, она начала лагать жёстко, и видео перестало показывать перед загрузкой меню?

"Guys, hello . I have a question : Why stopped working sound in the game , she began to lag severely , and the video is no longer show before loading the menu ?"

Sound or just music?

You can try this:

In my case, I applied the compatibility mode for Windos 98, but with one of the new .dll files. Now the game runs almost smooth (perfect gameplay).

Also, look for the last update posted by @M123.

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More difficulty to the computer

Multiplayer :)
Also, we are working on a new version of the game.
Yet, there is a modding guide somewhere in here: one could change things like the accuracy of the units, etc.

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Discussion / Information on modifying the game.

@M123 You learned about it only in 2016? ROFL

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Discussion on the development of OpenMachines
I am Back

Yays, the Scout Grunt!

I remember those (nonexistent) days when I was rushing other players with an armada of these, only to have them all killed and ruined.

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Pisarz' news/status & other stuff.

So... the site is dead?

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A place for helping others with issues running the game.
NVIDIA GEFORCE PASCAL graphic card problem

if i ever get the card installed i will test it myself. i have a gtx 950 card but i had some trouble getting it working. i think i solved the problem but i got tired of it and as a result i have not installed it since.

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