Discussion about the game.
Completed the final mission without cheating?

This was really entertaining. Thanks! Around 20 min it was hot :) There were some stupid Machines losses but nonetheless, great achievement.

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The game, resources, tools, and various files
Announcing community patch 1.5 - godsend : ]

If there ever is going to be version 1.6, here are my wishes:

support for 1024x1024 textures option to further increase draw distance (LOD) if anyhow possible I would like an option to disable ion cannon and nuclear silos in skirmish modes, make them unavailable to build add an option for more resources, like 100 000, because AI is very poor at resource management and eventually gets stuck, so to give them a chance in skirmish. It would be interesting to see what would happen.

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want
I looooove this game so much!

@wildh0rse Did you make it? :)

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Discussion / Information on modifying the game.
High resolution terrain textures (test)

Allow me to be off topic once again and show you my finished Dungeon Siege texture project. It took more than 4 months and 3929 textures have been updated. The texture pack is 5.97 GB !

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Discussion on the development of OpenMachines
Legacy - Resources

Here's a post where I'll place resources from the past two projects we worked on.

Models: MachinesModels.zip
Screenshots: MachinesScreenshots.zip
List of Machines: List of Machines.xlsx
OpenMachines Repository (SpringRTS Version): https://sourceforge.net/projects/openmachines/
Machines Legacy Repository (Unreal 4 Version): https://github.com/OpenMachines/machines

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Blog posts from individual members
Pisarz' news/status & other stuff.

@bilal Thanks!

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A place for helping others with issues running the game.
Machines and Windows 10

@M123 Thank for this, it works

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