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I understand this might exist already, however there was some stuff I had to come across elsewhere, and there isn't really a step-by-step guide with all of the details, so I just wanted to put this guide together.

Get Machines, duh: http://wiredforwar.org/topic/2/how-to-get-up-and-running (for best performance I usually play on 640x480) Download Hamachi, and have whoever you're playing with download it. Create a network and have them join it. Download IPXWrapper: http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/ Open the .zip file you get, and drag the following files into your ROOT Machines folder (where machines.exe and all of the other files are): wsock32.dll, mswsock.dll, ipxwrapper.dll, dpwsockx.dll. If you have a 64 bit computer, run directplay-win64.reg found in the ipxwrapper .zip (if you have a 32 bit computer, run directplay-win32.reg) Open ipxconfig.exe and set Primary interface to "LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter", and under "Network adapters" select "LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter" and make sure the "Enable interface" checkbox is checked. Hit "Apply." Open Machines, go to Multiplayer, and select "IPX Connection for Direct Play," select "Create game," and create the game.

Your friends should now be able to select "IPX Connection for Direct Play," and see your game (if not, remember to have them select "Show Games").

Hopefully this was able to help people, and hopefully NightDive Studios remakes Machines so it's easier ;)

Have fun!

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Thank you so much! I played this thing when I was a kid. I still do from time to time whenever i get my hand on a computer that does not have dedicated graphic card. :)

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@lew Hi!
I recently had many issues to handle (moved to another apartment, etc.). Yet, I managed to recover all the files from my PC, and the game (final product, not the demos) works OK :)

I'll see what I can do. Sorry for the delay.

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High resolution terrain textures (test)

@antrad said:

So close and yet so far :(

As long as we can keep it alive, with contributions like yours it is not too far away!

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Gotcha, thanks.

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@bilal Thanks!

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Not sure if this fits here, but it's still an issue, so...

Hello. I was trying to renew a password for my old account. However, the "reset password" button seems not to work. I mean the one in the webpage you get after clicking the password renewal link in your E-mail. It's strange and I've tried doing this a few times with no different results.

If anyone knows the solution to this, thank you in advance.

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