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Speed run of campaign

Hi there!
Yeah, very creative of you to find such alternative ways to win the missions. I really enjoyed watching it. Great work!

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Machines: The Game

@M123 Sadly not. Daemon Tools Lite just refused to work for me. I also tried another application to mount it but again no joy. I've just ended up playing the music from my phone because when I tab out of the game (to play the songs from the OST files) I can't reopen it.

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20 years

@M123 said:

@Wholan If we're really lucky, maybe we'll hear something about it after Forsaken EX is released (no date announced yet) - otherwise we might be stuck waiting until they've finished the System Shock remake...

Forsaken EX release date announced: 31st July 2018.
System Shock remake coming "late 2019/2020".

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Getting Started with Modding Machines

Sentimental journey :)

Yet still the guide is pure gold!

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Models Things

Same here. It's difficult whe you have to sart from zero. But there was some excitement some months ago due to the possibility that Night Dive Studios might make a remake.
Maybe we'll see Eden 4 once again.
Eden 4.png

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Mordakai's Blog of Irrelevance

@M123 said:

You didn't miss anything - due to the limitations of the ISO format, the music is not present in the Disk 2 ISO files available from the site.

Until someone updates the downloads with disk images in a format that supports CD audio, the instructions I posted are the only way I know of to get working music using the files available here.

I went ahead and dug up my Alcohol 120% clones of the disks and added them to the download post. Hopefully this helps some people. :)

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Insert Disc 2


Hmm, I don't have any experience with Chromebooks.

You could try dgVoodoo 2 - if the integrated graphics chip (or its drivers) doesn't support old versions of Direct3D well, it may help.

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