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Machines on Windows 10- running but with one problem


Having problems here. Dragging and dropping the .exe file doesn't seem to be doing anything in the setup window. The "search" tab won't find the program (most of the listed entries are in symbol font and all the help documents appear to be in Japanese). The "patch" button also remain grayed out.

Hmm... not sure what would prevent the drag and drop function from working. Maybe it's a Windows 8+ thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Machines can be added to the list of games in _inmm dll setup by editing the config file:

Navigate to the _inmm install folder (e.g. C:\_inmm\). Open _inmmcnf.ini with Notepad / your preferred text editor. Copy the below text and paste it at the end of the file. [Machines] Group=Acclaim RegKey=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Directplay\Applications\Machines Value=CurrentDirectory File=Machines.exe Save _inmmcnf.ini and exit Notepad. Run _inmmcnf.exe. Machines should now appear under the "Acclaim" group in the Patch tab. It can also be found using the "Find" button (type "Machines" in the box). Assuming the registry entries are correct, selecting Machines in the list and clicking "Patch" should work...

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@DavidCorben Hi! That mission was hard for me too! I barely made it with very few units.

To win the mission I did the following:

First, I advanced slowly, using flanking tactics to maximize firepower (which minimized damage taken by my units, since the faster I killed the enemy, the less their assault would last).

Second, I attacked one unit at a time, preventing the enemy to get too close and in numbers larger than what I could handle.

Third, I destroyed turrets using reapers in first person mode, positioning
myself out of their range.

Fourth, I explored the area using a fast unit, while keeping my squad behind in the formation aforementioned. Then I returned that unit to my squad, maintaining my unit density as high as possible.

Fifth, I never retreated as a squad; I always retreated while scouting. Instead, I moved my squad inching my way through the areas previously explored.

Basic Tactics.png

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Hi, I am a creator of the models ripping tools from 2011's so answering the main question, yes it is original map, I would even not bother to recreate it manually. And of course it was possible even back in 2011 but nobody noticed that all needed is lying here around. Reboot is considerable but for now seems like I am the only one software developer capable of doing that. Some new IP owner is trying to mess with the game (for now he only announces so) but it is reasonable to expect a miserable effect. Topic of modding the original game (poorly written piece of software) is mostly exhausted.
One more sample, ahh demo version memories:
Catch up before volcano explodes!

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High resolution terrain textures (test)

@antrad said:

So close and yet so far :(

As long as we can keep it alive, with contributions like yours it is not too far away!

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Gotcha, thanks.

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@bilal Thanks!

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Game ready to play but no into video, just sound. Help please.

Understood, Thanks for reply. Good old YouTube, gotta have it.
BTW; Yes, Can play leaving the cd's at home thanks to the loader from this site.

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