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@X-Lord said:

Can you explain how is it possible that you could see through the fog of war?

Of course. I used a hotkey that remembers the position of the center of the screen. I remember the position in the fog of war where located generator. Then moved to an area where fog of war is absent. Took the constructor and prepared for the construction, pressed the hot key and moved to the memorized position. In this case, the game includes fog of war in a fraction of a second, maybe 0.1 or 0.2 seconds. During this time I manage to put the green building which makes investigation and cleans fog of war.

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The game, resources, tools, and various files
"savegame" files

@DavidCorben Hi! That mission was hard for me too! I barely made it with very few units.

To win the mission I did the following:

First, I advanced slowly, using flanking tactics to maximize firepower (which minimized damage taken by my units, since the faster I killed the enemy, the less their assault would last).

Second, I attacked one unit at a time, preventing the enemy to get too close and in numbers larger than what I could handle.

Third, I destroyed turrets using reapers in first person mode, positioning
myself out of their range.

Fourth, I explored the area using a fast unit, while keeping my squad behind in the formation aforementioned. Then I returned that unit to my squad, maintaining my unit density as high as possible.

Fifth, I never retreated as a squad; I always retreated while scouting. Instead, I moved my squad inching my way through the areas previously explored.

Basic Tactics.png

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I looooove this game so much!


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High resolution terrain textures (test)

@antrad said:

So close and yet so far :(

As long as we can keep it alive, with contributions like yours it is not too far away!

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Gotcha, thanks.

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@bilal Thanks!

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Can't start Machines on a Windows 10 machine

I believe that I tried without and with the patch. It didn't help. I also spun up a Windows 2000 virtual machine in VirtualBox, but that didn't work because the virtual adapter didn't support enough colors.

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