Discussion about the game.
Can anyone make this image 1920 x 1080 and enhance it? Maybe remove the cursor and the numbers from the control panel, clean it up, you know?

@M123 Yeah, 1929 x 1080 is an option, but the opening menu and in game side menu becomes tiny. The initial opening menu is about 1/8 of my actual screen. And thanks again!
@Pisarz once I zoom out, even a little, their eyes change to be like this, just white dots, the gorillas eyes disappeared all together, but I painted them back on. And for the wasps and bee bomber their eyes were quite small, so I painted slightly larger, brighter ones over the top

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The game, resources, tools, and various files
Machines: The Game

Cool, thanks. I'll get round to doing that, hopefully...

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Discussion / Information on modifying the game.
Modding Maps

Well that is a shame. I checked your version and there's no mistakes on my end. I also got the black textures on the DirectX Viewer, but when I turn it so its almost completely vertical or horizontal, then its colours appear. I also fiddled around with the settings and turned off an option, something to do with shadows, and the colour came back (more or less). I might try going through the tutorial again, hopefully it was a small typing error that I missed. Thanks all the same.

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Discussion on the development of OpenMachines
I am Back

Yays, the Scout Grunt!

I remember those (nonexistent) days when I was rushing other players with an armada of these, only to have them all killed and ruined.

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Blog posts from individual members
Pisarz' news/status & other stuff.

@M123 Yes, it should look more angular, less organic.

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A place for helping others with issues running the game.
Can't start Machines on a Windows 10 machine

what should i doing? i used the "setup" and installed machines. But i cant open the "autorun". The Error code "Unbenannt1.png Unbenannt0,5.png " appear.

And if i try to launch the "Machines.exe", this problem appears:Unbenannt.png .

I have Windows 8.1

Please help

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