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Running Machines on Wine

I just tried both Wine 2.0.1 (stable) and 2.9 (Devel) on a MacBook Air running Sierra 10.12.5, but I was not able to get past the main menu except on my first try, due to the mouse cursor being trapped in a large square in roughly the top 1/4 of the screen. The first try I was able to get all the way to the menu for the first mission of the training, but I wasn't able to launch it due to the second disk not being mounted. I'll keep trying, since I really want to get this to work.

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Machines: The Game

Hello guys, is this version playable on multiplayer mode??
if yes how to procceed , i tried to use Hamachi but can't find the other player..

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Original Forum founder is back!

(if that wiki is right, we won't have to do a thing!)

C++ is fun!

Really fun..

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@M123 You learned about it only in 2016? ROFL

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I am Back

Yays, the Scout Grunt!

I remember those (nonexistent) days when I was rushing other players with an armada of these, only to have them all killed and ruined.

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Mordakai's Blog of Irrelevance

I'm just surprised people still think about this game!

It was fun tho, looking forward for the new version

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Machines and Windows 10

@M123 said:

@ZemoBladeWalker said:

Just followed your steps. The game boots up but now it crashes at loading screen with memory access error.

Hmm... so far I've found 3 possible causes for memory access errors on loading screens:

less than 32MB of VRAM allocated under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - I suggest setting this to at least 64MB (higher values may be useful if running at a very high resolution or if someone makes a high-resolution texture pack)

Videocard set to "dgVoodoo Virtual SVGA Card" under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - set it to "dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card".

texture(s) in unsupported formats in the models folder (seems unlikely in this case)

I'll keep trying different things.

Were you able to get in-game before you installed dgVoodoo 2?
What graphics card and operating system are you using?

I am on Windows 10 64bit and using Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti. I gave 521 VRAM and I use dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card. Still crashes with exact same error. I wasn't ever able to get to loading screen before using dfVoodoo 2. Also I'm not using any texture packs or any modifications (expect from windows XP patch)

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