Discussion about the game.
Got it working on Windows 10!

I downloaded both CD's from here:


Then I installed XP Patch (Select the Machines folder as the place to install) and then downloaded the .dll and placed it it in the Machines folder.

Then had to set some options in the settings menu, because I was seeing pink on places that should be transparant.


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The game, resources, tools, and various files
Machines: The Game

This forum is an absolute treasure.

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want
20 years

Nearly there.

1999 - 2019

Perhaps celebrate in some way?

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Discussion / Information on modifying the game.
Getting Started with Modding Machines

Sentimental journey :)

Yet still the guide is pure gold!

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Discussion on the development of OpenMachines
OpenMachines - Roadmap


Alright. Today I worked on the GUI and the mechanism of building.

Planning to leave the textures as is, since I can edit them later anyway.

Currently running into some shitty situation with 3Dmodels not being centered which causes them to be built in a location they should not be built. Meh.

Alright, now I want to finish the GUI because it annoys me

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Blog posts from individual members
What It's like to CMD THE MACHINES

I don't really get it. I cannot launch any Pods, because the Vessels are not in orbit of any planet. But if I write any orbit command, then it responds with Vessel X is already orbiting that planet. Did I miss something?

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A place for helping others with issues running the game.

What worked for @BeVeRenT- and what he forgot to mention was the IPXwrapper http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/ and hamachi network. This allowed him to choose "IPX CONNECTION FOR DIRECTPLAY" in the multiplayer options.

Glad to hear :)

Try this AntiLag patch and see if the connection is more stable: AntiLag.reg

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