I finished the campaign. Finally! Bringing doom to the SPOILER was fun.
It was cool, but I noticed the story can be easily... expanded. Especially the point between "The Finger of God" and "Protect the Controller" missions. Talon Prime missions can be enriched, too.

For example, let's say the Commander (or Super Marshal with six Railguns ('cuz he's a SUPER Marshal)) we're playing as must escape from his administrative base because the enemy suddenly discovers we have some informations regarding X, and it wants these informations badly. After we escape from the base, we need to quickly reach an APC which is waiting for us patiently. We need to find another administrative base, and that's the point when the enemy attempts to attack the Controller.

And... I destroyed the SPOILER with an Assassin Warlord. It was fun to make Gorillas attack its own SPOILER and then save the game at the point where the SPOILER's hp was so low that you could kill it with one hit.

Did I mention that SPOILER has three SPOILER SPOILER around it?
You also need to destroy SPOILER SPOILER to disable the SPOILER's SPOILER SPOILER.
SPOILER: The SPOILER is actually a long SPOILER.

Okay, that's too much, I spoiled enough informations.