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@M123 Well, that example looks perfect. Now if only it wouldn't take me 13-14 minutes to upscale one 512x512 texture :(

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@M123 Thanks, but I saw that and in description it says "Split images into tiles before processing them with ESRGAN and merge them afterwards with as little visible seams as possible". That is not good enough, if someone else with a bit more RAM can make it perfect :)

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@martin I am doing all this upscaling on my CPU, because I don't have a Nvidia GPU, so it is a very slow process. I do run out of memory if I try to upscale anything larger, I am limited to upscaling just 256x256 textures and smaller. Also I can not train my own models, even though I have some interesting ideas I would try to do. If you do end up doing some upscaling yourself, have a look at my topic about removing dithering and color banding, which should be applied BEFORE you do any actual upscaling.

@Pisarz The reason I think that part of texture should be just rock is because in The Finger Of God level it covers the mountain and cliffs, and that dark green "line" around is like a border between ground with vegetation and mountain rocks. As for retaining cartoony look, I think the machines and buildings are colorful, but not much cartoony, and terrain looks very realistic. The multiplyer desert map is probably the best looking map and you can see it looks very realistic, probably the most realistic it could look using technology from 1999. I mentioned some new textures are 1024x1024 in size, so I can not use them in the game, because original game has a 256x256 texture limit and Martin's version has a 512x512 limit.

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Using the same ESRGAN program that I was testing to upscale the textures it is possible to remove dithering and color banding in original textures and artwork, without changing resolution or changing the image in some more aggressive way. Using the "DeDither" model It gives the images it's original "uncompressed" look.

In this artwork it removed the pixelisation:

Here you can see on the right the transition between areas of different color is much smoother. Even though it is same resolution, the image is much higher quality:

Here you can see both:

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Yeah, in the first part you need to use the tank in first person mode, position yourself carefully, take advantage of its high range and do as much damage as possible.

In second part with Gorillas and eradicators constantly attacking it is extremely difficult to build and hold a defense perimeter. What I did (after a lot of trial and error) was quickly build 3 or 4 military factories and build a group of plasma knights and made a suicide attack from north-west. If you can get even one unit alive past their defenses, position it behind a factory, so the enemy can't get you and destroy it. Like you said, enemies don't rebuild their factories, so even taking down one factory is huge success and simplifies the rest of the mission.

This mission was extremely hard, but that is why I like it, it forces you to try different things and when you win you have a sense of accomplishment.

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This is a bit off-topic, but I want to show you what I did with Dungeon Siege using ESRGAN. I have made a comparison video, please watch in fullscreen and at 1080p to see the difference more clearly. I think the results are amazing, though I must admit there are many things that give very poor results, so I only worked on things that gave good results.

I also must show you this example in the link below. Look at the original texture in top-left corner and look at the result. It is mindblowing ! You can see individual leaves of grass, there are larger leaves around the tree stump, there are like yellow squished flowers. I just couldn't believe it when I saw it, it was just a pixelated mess.

This one is actually not used in this video, it is upscaled twice, so it would take too much time to do for every texture and my computer wouldn't be able to handle it.

If you are are interested you can check out my blog where I wrote more about the whole process:

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@Pisarz I think we have different opinion what is not good about that texture. For me personally there should be nothing that resembles grass on those rocks. I marked some of it in red.

The whole blue-ish area for me just doesn't look like rocks. For comparison here is one texture upscaled from Dungeon Siege. Here the algorithm worked well and it looks like a surface of a rock:

At 128x128 resolution there is very little info for the algorithm to recognize stuff. The reason desert texture worked very well is because it is 256x256 and algorithm has enough information to recognize things more clearly and enhance them.

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@Pisarz Well, an artist can do whatever he wants, but I am not one, I can't fix things manually. My only hope is finding a better upscaling model, or one that at least recognizes the rocks, so I can mix the two textures; take the ground from this model and copy the rocks from the other.

All this is really a waiting game now, results are very promising, but someone still needs to make good upscaling algorithms and models that recognize different types of terrain. It would be a waste to go through all the trouble fixing things manually, just for a better solution to pop up after a few months that does it automagically. I will try more tests with different types of terrain.

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I have been messing around with a new model for ESGRAN. I have been upscaling some textures for Dungeon Siege with it, with great results for ground and wood textures, so I wanted to give it a try with Machines.

First I tried the multiplayer desert level and results were very impressive. I used a "debanding" model to fix color banding in textures, then applied a "misc" model that works great for ground textures:

This produces a 1024x1024 texture and unfortunately since the original version has a 256x256 texture resolution limit, and the 1.5 version also has a limit of 512x512, I can't even use it in the actual map and need to downsize it which defeats the whole purpose. In my opinion the limit should be further increased to at least 1024x1024 in the next update.

Then this new "misc" model failed where I had the highest hopes. The "Finger Of God" level has a mixture of rock with ground and grass textures. If you look the top brown and green part of the texture you can see what used to be a pixelated mess, now resembles ground with grass, if you use a little imagination. But the problem is the lower part where there should be mountain rocks the algorithm also creates what resembles blue grass:

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@Pisarz The mission in space was very memorable, because it was so different, with being in space, building on the ship and asteroids and having to use flying units. I forgot to mention I also did use an APC in the Behind Enemy Lines. While the main force was in the canyon I flew in to release a small group inside the base. It was a fun mission.

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