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Hi. I had basically the same experience. I had the demo which I played quite a lot which came on Turok 2 CD. I liked the machine designs, their voices and colorful graphics. It is one of the first games I installed myself and first RTS game I ever played. I downloaded the full version from the old forums in 2008, but I actually have not finished it until 2 years ago. It is a very hard game and I probably would not be able to finish it if I played when I was a kid.

There is not much activity here, but you can check out the discord community. I'm not a fan of it, but unfortunately forums are not popular these days.

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Allow me to be off topic once again and show you my finished Dungeon Siege texture project. It took more than 4 months and 3929 textures have been updated. The texture pack is 5.97 GB !

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@wildh0rse It seems I was partially wrong about Yellows and Greens. They sometimes do not attack each other, but today they did. It probably depends on the map, or maybe the position on the map, or maybe it is just random. The Blues always end up destroyed first when I play, they are the worst.

And something interesting happened today. The Yellows attacked my pod with three nuclear rockets at the same time, I never saw something like that. Luckily it was the one I captured from the Blues. They ended up being stuck because of resources and I destroyed the launchers with only one unit, then finished them off with 4 nuclear rockets at one.

We will have to tell they guy who made the 1.5 patch to maybe enable unlimited resources, it would be interesting to see how they would behave, since they always get stuck.

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@wildh0rse The reason I hit the limit is because I tend to play these games slowly, build a base, build an army, then do one final attack. I don't attack constantly or try to win as fast as possible, it is more like a relaxation when I don't know what else to play.

Another thing I noticed is that Yellow and Green machines don't attack each other at all, Also Green like to use ion cannon and nukes, Yellow don't seem to use them at all. I guess if you want at least some challenge, you could do the things above, then destroy the Blue machines as fast as possible, so they don't damage Yellow and Green, and then continue to play against the Yellow and Green Alliance that will only focus on you.

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Skirmish against the AI in this game is terrible.

First you have the unit/building limit, so you can easily get stuck and not be allowed to build more. But you can use the Loader program to fix this.

Then when you do this the AI builds like crazy and easily runs out of resources, without even building an army. You can help them a bit by selecting starting resources to 10000, but then they end up just focusing on nukes.

It's like they put no thought in it and after some very challenging campaign missions skirmish is very disappointing to play against the poor AI.

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If there ever is going to be version 1.6, here are my wishes:

  • support for 1024x1024 textures
  • option to further increase draw distance (LOD)
  • if anyhow possible I would like an option to disable ion cannon and nuclear silos in skirmish modes, make them unavailable to build
  • add an option for more resources, like 100 000, because AI is very poor at resource management and eventually gets stuck, so to give them a chance in skirmish. It would be interesting to see what would happen.

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I never like these weapons of mass destructions. I guess it is fine for ccampaign missions to spice things up a bit, but in skirmish mode it basically boils down to who builds the these weapons first. I wish there was an option to disable ion cannon and nuclear weapons in skirmishes. It was good that the last mission was underground so they couldn't be used.

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@M123 Well, that example looks perfect. Now if only it wouldn't take me 13-14 minutes to upscale one 512x512 texture :(

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@M123 Thanks, but I saw that and in description it says "Split images into tiles before processing them with ESRGAN and merge them afterwards with as little visible seams as possible". That is not good enough, if someone else with a bit more RAM can make it perfect :)

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@martin I am doing all this upscaling on my CPU, because I don't have a Nvidia GPU, so it is a very slow process. I do run out of memory if I try to upscale anything larger, I am limited to upscaling just 256x256 textures and smaller. Also I can not train my own models, even though I have some interesting ideas I would try to do. If you do end up doing some upscaling yourself, have a look at my topic about removing dithering and color banding, which should be applied BEFORE you do any actual upscaling.

@Pisarz The reason I think that part of texture should be just rock is because in The Finger Of God level it covers the mountain and cliffs, and that dark green "line" around is like a border between ground with vegetation and mountain rocks. As for retaining cartoony look, I think the machines and buildings are colorful, but not much cartoony, and terrain looks very realistic. The multiplyer desert map is probably the best looking map and you can see it looks very realistic, probably the most realistic it could look using technology from 1999. I mentioned some new textures are 1024x1024 in size, so I can not use them in the game, because original game has a 256x256 texture limit and Martin's version has a 512x512 limit.

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