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The very last mission is challenging. My refined strategy is to press directly west from the starting point once the base has been established (smelter & a few scavengers to continue building Judas' and warlords/commandants with healing ability) with a Judas and capture as you go, killing reapers and saving anything you can capture. I send vortex singularity units to the smelter because they often kill my own units.

Once you press West, you attack the civilian factories and have a few captured units hang out there to kill any constructors that try to rebuild them. Soon all constructors will be destroyed, making it impossible for the enemy to replenish any destroyed factories.

Once the constructor population withers, I send in a strike team that destroys the four light infantry factories directly North-North-East of the starting point. This is usually done with a first person Gorilla that I capture, and the strike is done by masterfully toggling between the different weapons systems by pressing Tab and hitting one building with missiles while punching another. That will severely reduce the amount of pressure the main area experiences.

From that point on, if the Gorilla survives, I'll continue north and start destroying bases until he is killed.

Then I switch to the southeast front and press north in a clockwise fashion, capturing units as they are built from factories and using them to attack the factories while I press on in my Judas.

It takes a while and a lot of micromanaging using the Pause button, but I believe this strategy is one of the most effective.

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Final Assault is a fairly easy mission once you get the strategy right.

My strategy is to build a few Judas, and take out the airborne unit factory to the east. Then I press south with a Judas, capturing enemy units. I also capture civilian units to distract enemy aggressors, especially constructors, because I can have them deconstruct enemy buildings that will provide me with BMUs and destroy structures. Sometimes I'm able to capture the Ion Cannon and really mess things up.

My primary focus is to do a lap towards the factory area in the immediate south of the Pod, capturing units as I go. Once I arrive in the factory area, I capture units and have them stand on the factory spawn pads so no more units can spawn, and have them attack the factories. I usually have a few gorillas following me that I capture once they catch up to me. Bee Bombers are one of my favorite units to capture in this mission, because they are so destructive with the density of enemy units and structures found in this level.

I also only focus on tactical targets; I don't attack civilian buildings. My primary focus is military units and factories.

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Thanks for dropping in! And thank you for your work! I have a two questions for you:

  1. What were your inspirations for your work?

  2. Got any old photos/swag that you received during your work on the project?

I also recently started playing the game without music; I am amazed at the auditory subtleties I found while playing.

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Notice how nasaly/nerdy the technicians sound? That could be an unintentionally hilarious idea, like the Star Wars Kid (

). I could see a hostile machine taking a token amount of damage from a technician.

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So there needs to be a story, and since I'm no good at programming and focus on military/business endeavors, I would like to offer a few ideas:

  1. At the end of the game, there were reports of blue machines self-destructing all over their empire. What if there was a pod that had damage to it due to a more inhospitable area and therefore did not receive/follow out the instructions and continued operations?

  2. What if the original red machines de-armed themselves in order to repurpose resources and technology to further colonize the galaxy, and ran into the area that the corrupt colony was established? Nukes would be used to quickly clear dangerous asteroids, plasma used to cut through metals more effectively, explosive material used to blast away rock to access resources... etc.

  3. The original controller purged memory of all military tactics and technology (and its application), as well as got rid of the experimental AI that was used to win the original campaign.

  4. What if the corrupt colony developed shielding technology that allowed it to operate in the hostile environment?

  5. There could also be twists such as humans arriving, or finding life on some of the other planets. Maybe even re-visiting battlefields to salvage research, for example, having and entire battle over which race can salvage APC technology from the crashed APC from the mission "Behind Enemy Lines" so that the races could be more mobile.

  6. Make the machines upgradable; i.e. giving civilian machines rudimentary means of defending themselves. Or being able to shunt power to their motors in order to escape quicker, at the expense of their shields/armor.

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I have games up all the time now. Sign up and download at

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@ReaperKid88 You need to apply the Windows XP patch. You can download it in the first post.

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I'll have it open as I'm doing homework; please help distract me from school!

Download GameRanger and let's get a game going. Username is "Aquarillis"

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How about electronic warfare units?

One unit could scramble/jam a unit's radar, rendering it unaware of anything not immediately in front of it.

Another unit may discharge an EMP blast that temporarily immobilizes an enemy unit.

Make it possible for any unit with night vision to "share" their field of view with any machines in their squadron.

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