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So, does anybody have any new maps or a pack of maps that they could share for both skirmish and multiplayer or know where I could find some?

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I did as you suggested and it seems to work. Ever since my computer forced me to upgrade to Windows 10 I have hated it as I hate not being able to write to the Program Files folder by default unless you go messing around with profile permissions and so on.

Anyway, thank you for your help this quickly. I was afraid that I would be waiting awhile as there do not seem to be that many active users on the Machines forum anymore.

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So the game works great and runs really smoothly. However, for whatever reason the game will not let me make save files and restarts my profile every time I exit the game. I am running the Windows 64-bit version on a Windows 10 machine. As this was a clean install, I did not have the vanilla version of the game installed before this one.

This is becoming an issue because my progress on the campaign is restarted every time I open the game.

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Feel free to move this topic to where it needs to be if it is not in the right place. The layout of this forum is a bit different from what I am used to.

I first ran into this game when it came as a demo with a game I had bought. I forgot what the game was, but I remember playing the demo over and over again as I really found the design of the robots interesting as none of them were humanoid unless you count the gorilla. Anyway, years passed, and then I remembered this game again. I was surprised at how few people knew of it and as it seemed to be abandonware, I downloaded the .iso of it off of a torrent client and installed it in 2012. I had fun playing it, but I ran into some issues with Windows 7 at the time. My computer died shortly after, so that was the end of that.

Now that I have a different computer, I have downloaded the game again from the forum in the form of the 1.5 patch. What amazes me is that even though the graphics of the map textures are rather low resolution, the graphics of the units as well as the buildings are surprisingly good for a 20-year old game. If I had one request, and it is a minor one, I wish the campaign would actually let you choose which one of the four available colors you could be for the duration of the campaign. Plus, the pathfinding of the units is not the best, but that is a well-known problem in this community.

I realize that I might be rather late to the party in terms of this forum as most of the posts here are at least a few years old, but hopefully things are not winding down just yet.

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