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Hi, I'm just wondering if you've made any of the let's play videos yet. It's been a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd revive the post.

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In general everyone has it the other way around. I'm not sure how you got the music to work, but we've always dealt with there being no music, but with the sounds working. I can't think of a fix, but here's a free thread-bump.

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@Encrypted If you're going to put a personal list on the public net, you should use your personal discussion page, your sandbox page (wikipedia gives one; I don't know about wikia), pastebin, google docs,, a forum thread, etc. It's misleading, and a little conceited, to put your ideas as their own article on a wiki about the game that was already released. With all due respect, a wiki page is not exactly a place for opinions, sketches, ideas, etc.

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All right, so... draw straws to see who asks?

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@Judas said:

Once the Armor is down to say, 100 Armor, 980 HP, then it goes like 80 / 979 for the scout(21DAM Total) and 0 / 960 for the Goliath. (160DAM Total)

The goliath does 160 damage, but the armor goes down 100 and the hp goes down 20. That leaves 40 damage disappearing. Did you mess up math, or am I missing something?

Also, if there is still armor left over (say it goes from 200 to 40) does the goliath deal 1 or 2 HP damage? It is two missiles, after all.

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@bilal said:

Is there any way to retrieve the animation files? If not maybe the original machines animator would be generous enough to provide them if he still has them. ;)

Back in the day I had the contact info and blog site for the animator. I don't remember how we had that; it was something like imdb I think. Now all I can get from a quick search is that the director of the game was Mark Hardisty, and that's just from Wikipedia. Anyone have better luck/memory?

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@SinJul said:

@Encrypted said:

I'd especially like to see "Aggressors", armed to the teeth with thousands o' kinetic weapons.

How to: shitty unit design 101.

Still, the gorilla holding something on its back sounds like fun. Maybe we could actually make the scrapped "ninja" form of it, as slow and technically-samurai as it would be. The goliath could also afford to be less...weird. I don't see why it's shaped as it is, unless the bulk is supposed to be missile storage, which brings to light more of the impossibility of warlords and knights, not to mention the infinite capacity of all the weapons... The point is the goliath unit would be nice to change, if at least by changing placement/shape of the launchers, or adding an artillery/tank-cannon unit to it, making it look more like the tank it is.

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@Judas It's more that I need to get used to blender and get off my lazy Wings3D-using butt. There isn't really a problem with file compatibility as much as software capability.

It's good to know the site can just host the downloads under a subdomain. I'll see if I can get something done with these.

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Nice job, guys.

@Judas Could you upload those models somewhere? I'm sure they take up considerable space, but it'd be more than helpful if you could put a .7z up somewhere like on or even a torrent (although my university blocks legal torrents and I've yet to bypass it >.>)

I could attempt again to texture the models, but it's been a long time, and I'm used to Wings3D over the preferred Blender. I ask for the models not only out of convenience, but out of the fact that I don't exactly have a fully functional Windows install, so I'm not sure if I could even extract them myself, not to mention the fact that Judas already has a licensed converter for free.

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Is there an update on the archive? I can't wait to reread every stupid thing I've written about machines since I was ten.

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