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Hi, I am a creator of the models ripping tools from 2011's so answering the main question, yes it is original map, I would even not bother to recreate it manually. And of course it was possible even back in 2011 but nobody noticed that all needed is lying here around. Reboot is considerable but for now seems like I am the only one software developer capable of doing that. Some new IP owner is trying to mess with the game (for now he only announces so) but it is reasonable to expect a miserable effect. Topic of modding the original game (poorly written piece of software) is mostly exhausted.
One more sample, ahh demo version memories:
Catch up before volcano explodes!

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Looks like many independent bulletin board systems have their little crisis, ehh kids these days? I have noticed that many gamers communities, developers including, have moved somewhere, Discord noticeably. Is that bad? Maybe, said an "old fart" who appreciates commitment of individuals what is hard to see nowadays.
So I have created experimental server on this platform since I can't find any existing WFW related and I would like to invite anybody interested. What is point of this? I don't know, this might be a place to find potential players, modders or something.
Catch up before this place become an desert!

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Yes, it is possible to use produced output, anywhere you want.

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You can't downgrade directX explicitly. Only one way that comes to my mind is by replacing dynamic linked libraries for DX with older ones. However this might make your system faulty & I think that nature of this problem is somewhere else. In older windows it was possible to list files via dxdiag tool (run -> dxdiag), not sure how it looks now.
Once I tried run game on wine for Debian, everything seems to work perfect excepts 3D. Objects were distorted, some coordinates offset, no output errors. Maybe programmers have implemented some part of code in tricky way, which not works nowadays.machWine.jpeg

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