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What do You think about refreshed version of loader with option for lauching machines with specifed mod? Do we need this?

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For this moment this is not possible. We need to get *.lod files from models.bin, modify them and put back.

Next week I will try do some research in this matter.

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Good work.

I always had hope that someday someone will make some use from binex and psbex.

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If you are playing then Machines/Savegame/playinfo.bin must exist. As well as save*.sav files.

I suspect that your savegame/ can be in VirtualStore. VirtualStore is a special folder under user settings, take a look at

Another thing: this procedure was tested only on Machines with "XP Patch".

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@Judas nice to see you again! I remember you from old (2007) .

IDS are string ID stored in machstrg.dll (you can edit this file with programs like Resource Hacker). It must be valid ID that exist in machstrg.dll.

  1. sceninfo.dat must be in data/
  2. savegame/playinfo.bin must be deleted after each change in sceninfo.dat
  3. pdata/sceninfo.bin must be deleted after each change in sceninfo.dat

If you are using Windows above XP, this files can be duplicated in VirtualStore (%userprofile%\Appdata\local\Virtual Store\Program Files).

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Nothing happens. Game just crash,

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Virus stuff like models and virus related commands are propably compiled in machines.exe from demo.

The first problem with demo is in mach1.met. That file is different type than one from full game, so we can't use metaex. Another problem is that the demo has only level 3 machines. Virus is described as L_PULSE_CANNON_R_VIRUS and it is propably developed for overseer level 4 or 5.

In full game, command related to virus and models from models.bin are removed.

Update: it is possible to hack Machines Demo to think that LR_PULSE_RIFLE_X2 is L_PULSE_CANNON_R_VIRUS. Result:
Commandant with Virus Accellerator and Heavy Pulse Cannon.png
Unfortunately game crashes after selecting this commander.

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The Machines store maps in its own binary format. A few years ago, I wrote tool (psbex) for extracing data from map files. Unfortunately I lost my copy of source files, second copy was on old forum. I hope that Hayden will be able to recover old forum archive with all files. I have no time for rewritting this thing second time. Without this tool creating new maps is nearly impossible.

However, creating new maps for machines is tough and time consuming. I managed to make
only one small map from four orginal tiles. Here you can read something more about this: (don't bother with download links, they are all dead).

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