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Well, before I can even start making the let's play, I'll need to work on figuring out the DWM recording. I can always mention the information to do with the OST not playing and edit it into the background.

So here's what I learnt about the DWM: It stands for Desktop Windows Manager, and the process is called dwm.exe. And here's the problem: OBS, in my version anyway, cannot target a non-application process. I will try updating to see if it can all of a sudden, or maybe try editing the config file for the Game Capture.

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Thanks for the pointer in that last link! Now I need to just figure out what the OBS forum means by "use a Game Capture on the DWM process". With luck, this will result in me being able to do the intended Lets Play of Machines. When I do start uploading the series, I might get the first post changed into an archive for links to the episodes.

Something I need to know before I get to making the first episode: is it a bug that the soundtrack doesn't play in the game? I was planning on mentioning that in the first episode if it is a bug, but otherwise I am planning on having the soundtrack play in the background depending on what was happening in-game. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all!

It has been a while since I lasted posted on the forums. Recently I have been thinking about making a Lets Play of Machines. In the future I'll be linking to the playlist on YouTube and my YouTube channel, but until I do there is no point in me linking to my YouTube.

I have unfortunately run into a few problems while attempting to record Machines itself. I am running a Windows 7 machine and the recording software I am using is Open Broadcasting Software (commonly referred to as OBS).
Here are the problems I am encountering:
1: Using Game Capture I am unable to record the visual stuff with Machines. I can use Display Capture instead, but that results in significant framerate drops, as well as the Game's UI frequently and consistently disappearing in the playback.
2: I am unable to record the audio from Machines entirely. There are no audio filters of any kind.

If anyone can suggest a way to get around the problems, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Ok, I think we can now safely conclude that the original Machines Wired for War is definitely not future-proof. For anyone who may not have seen it, I believe that the creator of the Machinima series "Freeman's Mind" released an episode of his "Game Dungeon" covering a game called Dungeon Siege. In the episode, one of the most important quotes early on that came to mind on this topic was:

"This is another one of those weird games where a system from ten years ago runs it better than a modern one does today... Stuff like this is why I always get paranoid about changing an OS. This sort of thing ALWAYS happens with a new operating system. Sometimes there are fixes, sometimes you're screwed. It's also why I sometimes feel like punching people who think NEW software is always better. Doesn't matter what it breaks; it's new!"

Link to the video:

So yeah, it looks like I'm hyped for OpenMachines as that will bring the compatibility back to Windows 10, instead of waiting for it to arrive. Regardless, I'm sticking with windows 7 for a while.

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It was only an idea. More like something that, if done at all, SHOULD be done after implementing the core aspects of the game as @bilal has stated (although more advanced A.I. in my mind would be a perfect example of a core aspect that would be required to make the random maps possible in the first place - just a thought).

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I have similar draw distance issues. What graphics card are you using by the way, because I am using an AMD 7000 ish series card, and these look startlingly familiar.

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I have an idea of sorts for maps: I realize that this might actually be out of the question, but if implemented might make creating maps or at least the process of map creation a little easier.

What if we made a random map generator for OpenMachines? I mean, we should still have the default maps, and while this would require more advanced A.I. for bots (AoE 2 comes to mind), it would make OpenMachines more open I think.

What do you guys thinks?

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