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You can send me Litecoin if you want :p

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this needs more love

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Alright, started working on the RTS Template.

First thing I did was to edit the GUI to match that of the original Machines. Right now, the building pane shows when you haven't selected anybody. You can select a building and drop the blueprint anywhere. You must then manually select a builder and make him build the building.


Then I started working on changing the buildings. I didn't really understand what I was doing until I discovered everything was documented. I finally found how I could change the Model/Mesh of the buildings and built my first Garrison.

I think I want to add all the buildings first + the icons to build them. That would be a nice 100% completion to have. Then I want to look into getting some Machines in there, but since all the models are cut up into several pieces, I'm not sure how to combine them.

Oh, and I was happily surprised when I found out that

  1. Windows 10 3D Paint allows you to hand-draw on the 1999 3D Models.
  2. Unreal Engine seems to piece together some of the models quite nicely. This give me the option to texture each face seperately (for example, the door of the garrison is a different texture than the rest)

PS: I won't upload the file just yet. I don't think that is very nice to the person that made this RTS Template. Only after I believe I've changed such a considerable amount that it's better to just spend the $15 on the actual template instead of ripping everything out I'll share it with you guys.

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Hi all,

I tried to work on the Github repo, but I couldn't get it to work (and quite frankly - I don't know C++)

So I'm building something from scratch, using blueprints.

Right now I have a working Camera (Zoon, pan, move, etc) and Game time for a Day/Night cycle.

Now, my secret weapon: I've just purchased the following pack: CLICK

RTS_Building_Template_screenshot_3-1920x1080-d6a57f5865a5a2119bea2c237a4bafed.png RTS_Building_Template_screenshot_2-1920x1080-f6b010639eb56cac2538c5459b70a380.png

I'm going to see if I can reuse parts of this project for this version of OpenMachines. I want to copy exactly the same gameplay mechanics of Machines over to the new version, because I can see how they are really beginner-friendly ways to making an RTS. For example, Machines doesn't have any AI to hunt for new resources(like trees, or ore).

I'm going to try and see how far I can get!

I'm also following this tutorial series:

I'm going to upload the entire project when I'm fed up with it, so I hope somebody else will pick it up at that time.

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@X-Lord said:

@Radler in the commit it says the Unreal Engine was updated to version 4.8.

18 is more than 8 :D

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I downloaded both CD's from here:

Then I installed XP Patch (Select the Machines folder as the place to install) and then downloaded the .dll and placed it it in the Machines folder.

Then had to set some options in the settings menu, because I was seeing pink on places that should be transparant.


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Trying to get the project from Github into Unreal Engine 4.18, but I seem to run into some issues. Can't open the project :(

Any help?

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