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@Hayden said:

Apparently VirtualBox has a way to enable 3D acceleration on guest operating systems. Anyone want to give it a shot? :)

can you post a link or something to the methood you are talking about?

i usually use vmware, because the last time i used virtual box it f***ed up my wireless card so that it would only work on the guest os. but id be willing to try again, but all my Virtual machine images are for vmware, they arent quite interchangeable, sadly.

i think i may have found something that will enable that on vmware though, but i havent had time to do much experimenting lately. life has been coming at me with a bat.

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hey, its ren9999 from the steam group. great to see this is back up. though the layout of the "forums" is different from anything i have yet encountered on the web. hopefully ill eventually be able to transcribe the knowledge that ive posted over on the wired for war steam group over here.

this layout is gonna take some getting used to first, though.

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