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Hi Jim, I'm happy to hear that you still compose music. Do you have a discography somewhere? I think the Machines OST stood the test of time and fits the game so well, even today. For that reason I would like to take a deeper dive into your work over the last 16 years.

I would also love to hear your opinion on the state of video game music today. To me it seems that BGM has really become "background music" and doesn't compliment games as much as in the past. The classic game BGMs from the past, for example Unreal Tournament, Starcraft and others, had music that one liked to listen to even outside the game.

Best of luck in the future and thank you for stopping by. If there is any place you share your experience with the world, feel free to share, as I'm always interested in learning more about the video game industry.

Best regards.

Edit: I forgot to say one thing: Your soundtrack for the Machines intro is actually the one thing that makes really memorable. Really awesome job!

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Looks like a scan from a manual of a different game. Probably just something for advertisement purposes.

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If you guys want to see how to make a good map, go to and look at some maps for Starcraft Broodwar. As you will notice, they have a lot of high and low ground variation and space for flanking. Encrypted's map is too straight forward. Can't flank or move into a positional advantage to win fights with lower unit numbers.

@bilal : They implemented capturable objectives in Starcraft 2 and they are not used in tournament maps anymore. Won't say it doesn't work for any game, because I think Dawn of War was all about capturing objectives, but potential expansions and positional advantage are already objective enough.

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Dunno why you'd want a siege unit to become a super slow transporter unit. The Goliath should probably be used like a Siege Tank in Starcraft. Load it into an APC and drop it around the enemy base. Shoot once, load up again and off you go. That way you force the enemy to respond to the aggression, while staying safe because of the APC movement speed.

I think increasing the missle speed is optimization enough without losing the initial intended use.

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@Encrypted said:

I'd especially like to see "Aggressors", armed to the teeth with thousands o' kinetic weapons.

How to: shitty unit design 101.

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Chats on website are kind of annoying, at least to me. External chats are always better, because people actually need to join willingly and not just write random stuff because they got an account on the website.

Anyway, I'll join the IRC chat again.

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Like Bilal said, it's kind of on hold. Doesn't mean we're not interested in the project anymore. At least I'm still motivated to continue working on the project.

Hope you'll continue supporting us in the future, even though the project is on hold for now. :)

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