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@bilal Oh, well. Damn. Seems like you're right. All this time, I thought it was ^^ Then I can understand your point. But still. "Machines: Wired for War" sounds fine by me.

Actually, it doesn't really matter all that much, in hindsight =P

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@Judas What the HECK is that on the space map in the centre below the star-figure? Looks like some red bus xD Part of the map itsself?

EDIT: Oh. God. I've got the GREATEST idea ever.

Try to survive with a steel bus and wreck as many machines as possible >:) Destruction Derby against Machines? :O F*CK yeah! xD

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@bilal I meant, take "Machines: Wired for War" as a whole. Not just "Machines". Not just "Wired For War".

"Machines: Wired for War". The entire thing. After all, the "Wired for War" IS a part of the name. No? Also, every other game-Wiki, in my experience, always has the entire name in their Wiki-name =)

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@bilal If it's "just going to be based on the game", then I would definitely add the "Wired for War" part. How many games are there with "Machines" in it? Also, just as a general way of classifying the game, because "Machines" on itsself is kinda... broad and covers many (unrelated) topics...

My 2 cents.

Also HOLY SHIT JUDAS WHAT UP DAWG! Awesome to have you back ^^

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Yelp. Looks like Pandora's Box has been opened up... Lord have mercy on us.

Uhh... Lord? Who's this entity called "Lord"? I mean, our almighty Controller, duuuh ;)

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@bilal Hehe, yeah. Imagine that. Those bloodthirsty bunniez chasing us all the way down here ^^ That would be... horrific...


Wouldn't it, guys? Heh. Guys? Why are you staring quietly behind me like that? Is there something behind me? ^^ Hope it's not a blood-thirst...



f... fly, you fools...

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@Encrypted said:


Hogay's Bar
I loved it. Someone said that bunnies tried to overrun it, but it was never confirmed anyway.

That culprit was... Me, for one xD Along with Dannian. Or "The Merciful", as he last called himself ^^ Check the last... 100+ posts on the forum and... well... You'll definitely have your reading material xD Have fun.

Automatic, one of the mods, admitted he got tired of clearing the forums of their spawn and just let them roam free eventually ^^

Yes... The Legend of the Blood-Thirsty Bunnies... And, not to forget, their underwater allies the Mighty Squids...

Aaahh... Good times...

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@Encrypted Now that you mention it, we do need someone to fill in the position of Hogay. Liven this place up a bit. Spam Hogay's bar with useless stuff ^^

I vote you, Encrypted =O

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@Encrypted Are you questioning THE BOSS, BROSKI???!!! HUH??

You better ease down before I unleash the killer bunnies on your ass...

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