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Nope its back :) Just quietish at the moment

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Well thats rather anticlimatic I can imagine...
Ok So lets start with the basics...
You can acces the disc..? If so try to find a text or BMP file or some file alike and try to open it.
If so:
Double check if you did all the steps right?
It sounds like you did not set the right compatibility....
Also if you post some screenshots it might help us.

Also if you do get it to run but see pink shit all over try this:

@M123 said:

Tried Machines on a PC running Windows 10 (haven't updated mine from 7 yet), and wow, that is bad - messed up menu and textures and very poor performance even on an i5 4690k and GTX970 (running at 640x480 D: ).

Tried a few different things... and found something that seems to work - dgVoodoo 2.

EDIT: Note - dgVoodoo requires DirectX 11 and a GPU supporting at least DirectX feature level 10.1:

• Nvidia GeForce 400-series and newer (some GeForce 200-series might work - G210, GT220, GT240)
• ATi (AMD) Radeon HD 3000-series (except Radeon HD 3410) and newer
• Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer

Here's what I did:

  1. Download dgVoodoo 2.45 from here.

  2. Extract it somewhere (e.g. C:\Games\dgVoodoo\ ).

  3. Copy the "D3DImm.dll" and "DDraw.dll" located in the "MS" folder under the folder you extracted the dgVoodoo archive to (e.g. C:\Games\dgVoodoo\MS\ ).

  4. Paste the two .dll files in your Machines install directory - must be the same folder as "machines.exe" (e.g. C:\Games\Machines\ ).

  5. Run Machines.

  6. (a). If the image is too bright, washed out, etc. or you want to try forcing some extra graphical settings (e.g. MSAA, Vsync), run "dgVoodooSetup.exe" located in the folder you extracted the dgVoodoo archive to (eg. C:\Games\dgVoodoo\MS) and try out the various settings.

    (b). If Machines crashes or runs even worse than before, delete the "D3DImm.dll" and "DDraw.dll" files from your Machines install directory to restore it to the original state.

With dgVoodoo 2 installed I could run Machines fairly smoothly (some rough patches, but I get those on Windows 7 as well) at 1920x1080 without graphical issues (at least none I noticed in the time I could test it). :-)

Seemed to work fine without Windows 95 / 98 / XP compatibility mode.
The game crashes on exit on that PC (with or without dgVoodoo).

EDIT: some things to try if Machines doesn't run properly with dgVoodoo installed:

  • Install the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
  • Make sure Machines is installed in a folder other than "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)".
  • Run Machines as administrator
  • Run without any compatibility modes applied (aside from run as administrator)
  • If you use MSAA through dgVoodooSetup.exe and get weird graphical issues ('smearing", blurring, flickering), make sure you don't have any transparency multi-/super-sampling forced on Machines through your graphics drivers

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Hahaha awesome, especially that last one! Nearly killed me. I think the units need to be a bit more lifelike and sounding like that.

I would like to see you do some with 'Me' replaced with 'Gorilla'. Either stick with first person or third person.
Considering Gorilla's are not the brightest, I'd stick with the third person. (Gorilla smash it! Gorilla fight on other side now!)

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We need lazy people :)
They make the hard working folks look good!

Anyhow.... Im probably useless in the development of the new version.
I could try voice acting maybe? And some artsy stuff? hahah Or I will just leave it to the young ones...

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So I have tried that Voodoo2 trick and it works like a charm :) Been playing a couple of levels.
The itch to make an improved version of our beloved game starts to come back again xD

Unfortunatly the forum seems rather... quiet at the moment?

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So I managed to get it running, Menu's aside it runs smooth. However, ingame, random artifact (looks like a broken LCD screen) appear all the time.... Fiddling with zoom did help some, but only when standing still... When I move around it gets borked again. Sigh... I fucking hate windows 8.1

I guess imma gonna hafta dust off my old PC. Wonder if it still runs?

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Heheheh yup old skool heh

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Lol allright.
Look wut I found!


In Semi mint condition too!

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Sorry Sorry Sorry! Oh crap... and here I go again... Life is just way to
Anyhow, judging by the lack of recent postings Im not the only one with a mad schedule...
On my behalf tho, since my last post I have been hospitalized for a weirdass blood infection and had to recover from it, after that had to work my ass off to get up to speed with work again... Also me and the Mrs have been through a rough patch sort a...

So whats up?

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Love to see to old forum back in order to get all the vitals out of it.
Im gonna see if I can find my old discs. They should still be in the attic. Weeeeeeee!
Gonna get it runnin on 8.1

If you want I can help ya dig through the stuff?

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