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Yeah I actually wrote the CEO of Night Dive.

here's the answer. The 20th year might be a big milestone to release at least the original game, I guess.

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Any news? There's some hint on Wikipedia about a possible release in 2018 of Machines by Nighdive Studios.

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The CEO of Nightdive Studios has responded me on Twitter.

It seems they have the will to make Machines big again. Let's hope it gets here soon!


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Hi there!
I'm new to the forum and I apologize if I come here without presenting myself.

I just wanted to know if the development of the "Machines 2.0" I see here is still undergoing, if there is new stuff to download and stuff. I bought this game like ten years ago and I really loved it.

What I did want to share with you guys (if there is anyone to share it with) is what I read in this blogpost here:

So. Is there any news about it?

Night Dive Studios seem all focused on System Shock right now, and even though I tried to receive some answers by them via mail and social, they haven't answered yet.


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