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I have heard it suggested that we put together a community walkthrough. I think it's a great idea. I'm going to post some preliminary thoughts on some of the levels and welcome commentary, observation and criticism.

I'm starting with this level because its my favorite.

You start out with a big turret pointed right at your troops. The first thing you need to do is knock it out so the civilian units can appear. Take the three triple missile knights to do this BUT first move your two commanders out of the line of fire. This way you will keep the healing commander intact, you'll need it. Also, if you maneuver the knights properly, the next shot from the big turret will miss. If you lose one knight, restart the level.

Send the knights to knock out the nuke next, but take one knight in first person east and kill the titan mek thats building the other turret. And destroy the turret becuase if you don't, a constructor will complete it. Watch out because the aerial factory will spit out a missile wasp; if you can kill it don't worry about losing a knight at that point.

Meanwhile your other two knights have knocked out that nuke, and if they haven't destroyed all those SAMS nearby, do so. Immediately take them back to the base and heal them if you need to. Keep the healing commander on low initiative so it doesn't get killed.

Now, in the middle of all of this your builders and transporters have beamed in. You need to locate minerals, build a mine, defend the base from attacks from the south, and most importantly build the advanced combat factory and crank out Judas Warlords and nothing but! Building other units is a waste of BMUs.

Two things will happen next, in addition to all that chaos. The enemy will send an onslaught of Bee Bombers and two tanks will approach from the east. The trick is to get that first Judas online before the Bees get there, and its not easy to coordinate everything. And if those two tanks slip through you risk losing that combat factory.

Try to set up a defense near the bottom of that southern ramp near the base. You can use whatever units you want, do the high initiative/stand ground thing.Send the gorilla, a scavenger and a bee bomber south; using ground units risks having them destroyed by the Bee. You can use the bee in first person to destroy the OTHER big turret at the enemies southern base. If you lose it get the other Bee and try again.

More critical, though, is the other Nuke to the east. If you killed that Mek in the beginning, the enemy will send a builder constructor to build that other nuke. So take your wasps over there and kill the builder and the nuke, and if you don't get hammered by then, destroy the nearby aerial factory.

If you accomplish all these things the rest is easier, but not easy. You need to take a Judas, in first person, east and south to the area where the Gorillas, Bees and Wasps are gathering. Circle around, avoiding the fire from the big turrets, and treachery units which will then occupy the enemy. KEEP MOVING and this will work well. And if you're good you'll have enough units left there to destroy those two factories. But south of that area there are a whole bunch of triple rocket knights so watch out. If you're really good, you can treachery them too.

So to recap, you need to take out the nukes and destroy the factories to the east. Once that's done, you need to get down to the south and get rid of those four factories. The advanced factories are turning out knights and the others are churning out small units and turret reapers. If you've perserved the rocket knights, you should be okay. If you can treachery the enemy knights there, so much the better.

Directly to the east of the southern base, the enemy has a Titan mek and some builders. If you can defend them, treachery them and you will at least be rewarded with advancing your construction level and if you've done it all right, the ION CANNON.

It's all a matter of timing and getting things going quickly. Your main concern is that second nuke. I have survived a nuke attack on this level and still managed to finish all right, but most of my units were away from the base when it happened. I just got lucky.

At least twice, after I nailed that Mek in the beginning, no units attempted to build the second nuke. I am still gaming out things to see what makes that happen. It may depend on how soon you can get a judas over to the gorilla/bee staging area.

Another strategy is to concentrate on the south while keeping an eye to the east. This will result in an eventual parade of Gorillas headed your way. Meet them with a first person Judas! If you play this out you will end up with a butt-load of Gorillas, and they can defend you from any further attacks from the east.

The endgame is just destroying or capturing all the enemy mines and smelters. The entrance to the controller is defended only by SAMS, destroy them or just walk 5 units over there and game over. I like to build a nuke and do it in style.

-The Ion Cannon is never used by the enemy. Why?
-As in almost all levels, the triple plasma knights are never used by the AI. Yet they are devastating and well armored. Ditto for plasma reapers.
-The reason to use the BMUs for Warlords is that the deposits are tiny. You can get that second mine going to the east of the pod but you won't be able to access the other deposits nearby till the end of the game. The Judases are the only really effective defense against all the heavy artillery the enemy sends.
-Sometimes the AI gets devious and sends a Vortex Eradicator. Watch out for this!
-If you keep the healing Commander alive, you can heal the knights repeatedly. You'll remember I said that :-)
-The other Commander, without the healing charger, can be used to defend your base by using the stand ground method. This is the most effective use of it.
-The southern ramp to your base is narrow, watch out for 'traffic jams' or you'll be shredded by turret reapers.
-And make sure your Bees dont destroy your own units over there, move them south. You can keep one by the base on low initiative in reserve and use the other to take out that southern big turret.
-Likewise, use the wasps only to take out the second nuke and the aerial factory. They are expendable and you'll capture more.

Any comments are welcomed!

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@Judas Yep, all this levelis is a test of speed and reflexes. Ditto all else that was said here, you just gotta get the Judas in first person, watch out for reapers - Judas is not well armored - and keep the treachery attacks going. I usually pull back any of the enemy's Judases that I have flipped over to save for the next round. Don't build anything but Judas warlords! It's a waste of resources, which are very scarce for the player but unlimited for the AI. You dont have to knock out those silly generators, that's largely a waste of time. 4 Gorillas and some knights/smaller units will do it. Just mine, and build Judases.

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Correction: You can NOT build a nuke in the last level. I just finished it. That was a fantasy I guess. You can build turrets and Aerial factories though. I found there are a lot of small mineral deposits in the west of the last level that I did not know about. This is only relevant in the end game, after everything has been wiped out, it's not safe otherwise. The western factories are the last lynchpin of the AI's defense and it pumps out missile knights and judases and TONS of machine gun reapers, Yikes.

It's fun how I just "convened" all the units at the Controller and basically just lit the fuse, so to speak. Took about 30 seconds with everyone firing, "Music from the entire Orchestra"!!!

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Satisfying isn't the word. You found/researched everything, took the pass, reclaimed Talonthia 8 (yikes thats a whole other posting), espionaged and assualted and FINALLY that damned controller is finished!

Off topic: Why are the non-campaign levels' AI so weak? I can't help but win straight through evry time.

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The only thing I ever end up bulding is Judases. That room with the turrets is key, the only way I have been succesful is to burm through that room with a Judas and hope that there's a gorilla there. Once you judas some key units they go for the other ones and the turrets kill all the friendly units and all the enemy in the line of fire. Best thing to do next is to get up into that northeastern room and destroy those factories, This way the units have to travel farther from the western factories to get to you. It's really, really easy to get hammerred in the last level, saving at succesful points is paramount.

The end game is hard too. You have a very inaccessible area that contains MORE factories. I like jusasing the builders there and builing a turret lol or better, decontructing the factories which you dont need. And yea the AI just keeps at you with the light infantry units so those factories have to be dealt with. A great level!

Once I built a nuke and actually nuked the controller to death :-) that was fun.

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Hah, I always thought "Penultimate Assault" would be more apt, if not as cool.

I wrote once before whether if, in the very beginning, you knock out the enemy mech building the eastern turret, no nuke is built beyond it. That's wrong - its just timing as to whether another contructor is built.

Just finished this level for the zillionth time, and still as challenging. The AI is VERY aggressive and the scripting of this level likely more tight. I try to get that first aerial factory after the turret to avoid further attacks by air. This is best done with a Bee, but the heavy artillery next door can get you quick.

I just build judases. It seems to be the most effective challenge to the AI. I try - TRY - to save as many units as I can but once they send the first barrage of Bees over, you need that Judas badly. There's usually a tank or two headed your way too that you can grab.

The hardest thing for me is trying to worry about all this judasing while the AI is sending light and medium units straight north right at your base. I seem to never to rememember to spread out enough to deal. Another bee is what I use for the southern turret. Then it''s all just judasing and attrition.

There's a mek past the southern factories, if you judas him you MAY be able to capture the ion cannon. For some reason you cannot research it or steal the enemy's research....
There are triple rocket knights righ tthere so if you are good in FP you can really turn the tables right then.

Probably the best constructed Level. Now --- THE CONTROLLER! "Me on OTHER side now!"

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That did it! I was not looking in the right place in the registry, it turns out. I was then able to return the game to a usable resolution. Funny thing, though - the "Lock Resolution" button doesn't stay unchecked...??? No problems now though. I was in the middle of a hot and heavy round of "Behind Enemy Lines" and restored my saves and now am able to resume hostilities. Thanks a million for the advice! And now there's a forum post people can refer back to in same situation. LOVE machines - LOVE this forum!!!


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I was using the game, and I changed the resolution. My monitor goes blank - which is what it does if it doesnt support a resolution setting - and now I cant get back in the game to do this. In fact, I deleted the entire directory and cant find any reg settings for it, and when I re-unzip it does the same thing. Note, I just unzipped it to a folder and didn't go through any install process. What is going on? Is there ANY file in machines directory that have settings embedded? It was running fine at the default reso;ution before.

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Seems to me that the "official" walkthrough missed a very important strategy that I have found the easiest way to win, and at the same time research up to and build strong enough forces.

  1. Usually the first real headache is the Gorilla/Reaper/Wasp attack from the West. After a zillion tries, I still don't know if turrets are worth it. I found Triple Plasma Knights in FP just blow away the Gorillas. You do kinda want to build an antiaircraft gun just north of the original mine.
  2. Take advantage of the ready made researcher labs and use 1 tech for the civilian lab. Get the Scavenger deal going, and get an aircraft factory. Wjat blows is you are limited to the plasma wasps, so I just make APCs, about three.
  3. All the while you should crank out Triple Plasma knights with your limited BMU's. Recycle the Mek. I used to build Leviathans but I don't anymore. Knights in FP do the trick.

In the walkthrough, the idea is to push up the main "road" and infiltrate and reclaim the buildings, This is fun, but the enemy is very busy attacking your bases - usually with turret reapers. You can get caught out here.
Thats why I get APC's going, and do an "end run" around the whole thing, capturing the buildings in the extreme NE of the map. I bring knights builders and at least one transporter. You can capture the air unit factory and smelter there and just press forward, capturing or destroying as you need to and then its attrition once the smelters are captured.
Just WATCH OUT for the ion cannon! If you can capture it, well, you can kick some major metal butt!

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@croftish Hello Jim, from a fellow music composer. OUTSTANDING job, and you just happened to pick a project that ended up enjoying "immortality" - in internet terms. I still remember buying this game in the late '90's since I was one of the people who had a 3dFX chipset (remember THAT?).
I see here that most of the data files have been examined and the models, albeit in DirectX format, extracted. AFAIK, if the models can be used and modified, and the AI programmed then there must be an engine out there that can use this data to recreate this game. I have seen Unity3D mentioned here and from what I have seen of it (quite a bit at this point) it would be ideal for this task. The only issue being the .x format but I was able to convert them to .obj and they show up in Unity just fine.
Thanks for checking in here, BIG thanks to you and the ream for this great game!

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