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Sooo. how would you even start editing this? I suppose you can't drag and drop it into UE4? :'D

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I just downloaded the zipped game, extracted and and ran it on my W10 Laptop.

It just worked! No fix or patch required.

No errors, no glitches! I'm actually pleasantly surprised!

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Since data storage is nearly free nowadays:

Backup - OneDrive

In case this website ever goes down.

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@marvin said:

Hi, I created a Reaper in Blender. It is already rigged and textured. For the Textures it may be helpful to have some basic Materail-Textures for the Metal, so that the Models look not too different. I already created some and if you like them I can share them. ;D

Based on the model, i uploaded two vids. In one animation i just let the legs move, to better support a moving body for aming in first person for example.

//Added: Run Animation:

Here is the Result:

Hey, that's pretty cool

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No prob :)

I have to commit some time to modernizing it a bit. It's in need of some updates.

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Here's a post where I'll place resources from the past two projects we worked on.

List of Machines: List of Machines.xlsx
OpenMachines Repository (SpringRTS Version):
Machines Legacy Repository (Unreal 4 Version):

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Hi guys, @martin created a discord server; this is just a sticky post with the invite link.

Join us on discord here!

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