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I wouldn't agree; I think it's more of most people have stuff going on.

That said, I don't think it's a good idea to use C++ for a game project no matter the skill level since many would agree that any performance upgrade over C# is usually not worth the added dev time. The only reason I would use it is to take advantage of the professional grade assets given free from Unreal Engine.

Personally, I use C#/Unity for just about every project (I do full time gamedev), and in retrospect it would have made more sense to start the project in Unity since lots of beginners would likely be interested in contributing however possible, and Unity makes that easier than UE4. One of my current projects is actually an RTS in Unity.

The only reason I'm not right now working hard on OM is because I don't have time to do much more than management and doing code checks/tests. I'd be happy to run or help with the project if there were any willing lead devs and/or artists.

Good luck with C++ by the way! (If only ruby had the speed of C :D )

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@rad I've seen it; I believe the owner also posted a Machines re-release on twitter.

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@Mordakai95 I always use OBS to record anything, but I remember fraps working best with Machines many years ago on WinXP.

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Hello, nobody is currently actively working on OpenMachines; it was started with the expectation of multiple devs, but people interested in working on it would "disappear" without much notice.

That said, I'd be happy to work on it with others during free time.

As for the Slack, it's apparently required for admins to invite people (at least for the free version). I changed the settings so that anyone registered can invite people, so you would need to send your email to someone who is already registered on it, such as myself.

Welcome back!

EDIT: Here's the GitHub page for OpenMachines for future reference.

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@Asdam nice dream man

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@AvionAris I would just add them into here. Sorry, I got busy and forgot. If anyone else ever has time, feel free to edit the wiki.

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A minimum viable product (MVP) of a project represents what all the required features to get a first production version running.

This page will be updated with all the features we need for an MVP version as links to pages containing required implementations for those features.

Right now, the page contains a very minimal selection of Machines to make sure that they are actually completed.

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@JRL101 I think we need to have a "minimum viable product" where the decisions for which machines to bother adding for alpha would be listed. Since you're doing some modeling, I'll put this higher on my priority list.

I'll include it on the trello and the github. By the way, I'll be sitting on the wfw slack more often to make communication easier if anyone is interested.

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There are a bunch of screenshots of units here taken a long time ago:

Unfortunately, it's not all of them, which is a little weird because I thought we took more.

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Most of the animation for units with tracks or hover is just going to be the guns moving backward as the unit fires, which I can do. I've done a bit of animation and modeling before for several games.

Mind you the animation is a lot easier for me, so I can get some basic ones out if a unit model is there.

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