Coming soon!

New skirmish type: Invasion.

What if you started with 5 Light Military Factories and 5000 BMU's. Create your own army and come out on top.

(Possibly with check-points with 500 BMU Mines/Smelters/Transporter that change allegiance when you come near.)

New skirmish type: Hunted.

One Advanced Spy, twenty hunters, hundred turrets. You have what it takes?

Either timed (5/10/15 minutes is very easy to create) or you have to get checkpoints(how to explain which checkpoint though? Satellite Shootout has a nice circular map? Otherwise.... Dales or Fortress?)

Designed for 1st Person

New skirmish type: Hunter.

Two versions:

  1. One Judas Warlord vs a million enemies.
  2. One Assassin Warlord vs a million enemies

Designed for 1st Person. Destroy all your enemies!

New skirmish type: Resource Wars

Either: First one to 10.000BMU's wins
All players start with all mines already built and you need to defend them because you don't have any locators. Not sure yet, perhaps both.