So, today it took me quite an embarrassingly amount of time to get the functionality of opening up the Construction menu after clicking the 'Construction' command.

But yeah, now I got it. I have not yet found a way to reset the menu to the 'Commands' menu after placing a building or right-clicking. Right now it goes back straight into the 'Construction' menu (like a toggle has been set)

Now I have a 'Cancel' button that takes you back manually to the 'Commands' menu, but still, eh. I need it to reset to the start.

Hopefully I won't get slower returns now I'm reaching the limits of either:

  1. The extremely limited knowledge I have
  2. What the design of this blueprint/template allows.

I think I'm beginning to see major flaws in the design of the template, but we'll see.

PS: I'm really, REALLY effing amazed that there are NO GOOD RTS TEMPLATES ready-to-buy in the UE4 Marketplace. It's so focussed on FPS. Is there nobody with knowledge that thought 'Perhaps a Warcraft 3-Style Menu would really sell?'

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Alright. Today I worked on the GUI and the mechanism of building.

Planning to leave the textures as is, since I can edit them later anyway.

Currently running into some shitty situation with 3Dmodels not being centered which causes them to be built in a location they should not be built. Meh.

Alright, now I want to finish the GUI because it annoys me

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Screwed something up when deleting materials, so I will have to redo all that later. (I basically deleted the data regarding where each skin should be located. Very useful and hours of work to redo. It will be faster to just reimport all model with the right data in there. Until then, I'm going to work on the GUI

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Hi all,

Here's a quick roadmap for the version of OpenMachines I'm creating. Goal here is to enable developers to continue working on it in the far far future. To enable this, I want to build a ready-to-eat development pack that you can download and work on.

Milestone 1 - All models in UE4, skinned & merged (Note: not animated)
This will make the game really visible and nice to look at. Plus, it's crappy work to have to skin all the textures & such. I want to provide a OpenMachines download that's ready-to-go for anybody that wants to start building.

Milestone 2 - All buildings are buildable via GUI
This means that the simple game-mechanics work. Since I'm using a template, harvesting resources & such is already handled. Completing this means I will be able to create Machine City.

Milestone 3 - Add all units to UE4, skinned
Not looking forward to this. I also can't animate, so I will stick to wheels, tracks, fly and hover. Sorry reapers :(

Future Milestones:

  1. Create nice maps
  2. Menu's
  3. Shooting
  4. Other colors (Green, Yellow, Blue)
  5. AI
  6. First Person Controls (If any)
  7. Change resource types

Download latest project here:

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Not sure why I created a new account for this. Was too lazy to check if my password still worked lol

Right now I got 3 building:

  1. Lvl5 Mine
  2. Garrison
  3. Lvl1 Civ Lab

I can't build them yet with the buttons (Only the mine, as shown in the video) - but I'll get there :)

I'll upload the files when I think is appropriate. Would be nice to have ready-to-go OpenMachine UE4 files on the Internets

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I made this guide 11 years ago - I was 15.

This guide is older than Machines was in 2007.

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Just thinking about making a Jenkins-server of sorts that would check for changes in a Github. When anything changes, it downloads the code, applies the mach1.met creation tool and plops the mach1.met file in the appropriate folder.

Would be pretty neat, no?

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This forum is an absolute treasure.

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Nearly there.

1999 - 2019

Perhaps celebrate in some way?

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I believe it also depends on the bitmap depth. 24-bit bmp's crash whilst 256color(8-bit) bmp's do not. It was something like that.

(I'm also wondering. I remember a .bin (or a .strg?) file somewhere which has all the texture names in it. Perhaps that's the file that decides what .bmp files to load, perhaps it's possible to tweak it so that it accepts .pngs and such? or 24bit bmp's? hmm)

Just an idea, but where could it say that it only accepts 8bit bmps? In the model data?

Could it be possible to increase the bitmaps to 24bit by editing the models itself? Or is it loaded during a centralized point aka at launch?

I found something in the extracted .x files.

Things like

Material ID_2668 {
 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000;;
0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000;;
0.00, 0.00, 0.00;;
TextureFilename {

which I found in agf2a35.x in \models\administ\boss\level2. What if we change these to PNG? (We didn't have a way to repack the .x files did we? hm)

Update: Isn't the .bin just a packaged file? If we remove the .bin file but copy back the packaged files in the correct place, doesn't that work?

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I don't think Machines supports the fancy see-through .png files we have nowadays. Don't know for sure though.

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@Pisarz I love it. That's really awesome!

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I just installed/played Machines on my new WIndows 8 pc. It feels slow but no issues whatsoever. Haven't installed patch or .dll files

Edit: Nevermind:

The pink spots are the .bmp files that are going crazy. Normally the pink means 'see-through' but apparently something isn't telling Machines.

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New Unit Designs:

  1. Wasp with Plasma Sting is now an anti-personell units. It only does 1 damage but fires 10 rounds per second, meaning that these will ignore Armor and go straight to HP.

  2. Wasps with Missiles are now anti-construction. They fire two missiles instead of one at a much longer range. They can sit back and pick off turrets this way.

  3. The Launcher is cool, but its long reloads make it too vulnerable.. Therefore I cut the reload time and damage dealt. This way, a missed shot doesn't mean the end of the launcher. Also check out the RED smoke. Yep, I did that.

Although I perhaps was a bit too zealous here.

  1. APC 1 is now a TANK - 500 Armor, 500 Health. That's more than a Gorilla.

  2. APC 2 is now a better flying APC. More speed, armor, turning speed.

  3. APC 3 is now a spyplane. 2x as fast as APC2 but same Armor/Health. Less unit capacity though.
    (All three are also much more expensive, 300, 250 and 300)

  4. Mule - Is now a very cheap(30->15), fast little machine. Useful in the beginning and when quickly stealing from unmanned mines

  5. Ox - Is more expensive, stronger(Armor&HP), Carries more BMU (120->150) and rotates much faster.

  6. Bull - Military Grade Transporter. Expensive, but lots of armor & health. Carries 300BMU, up from 260. Slower than Mule & OX though.

  7. Rhino - The Motherlode. Very slow, very weak but carries a whopping 2000BMU's, enough to clear out a mine in one single go.

  8. Scavenger - Military Upgrades. More armor, more health, higher costs. Now it really pays to have one of these wandering around. And you don't even need to keep an eye out anymore.

  9. GEO 1 - Cheap, less range.

  10. GEO 2 - Same price, less range, more armor/health

Beebomb does more damage for 2 sec more reload time
Auto-cannon reaper does much less damage but has much lower reload times (Much like an actual, you know, auto-cannon)

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A Bipedal Starcraft siegetank comes to mind. But first, let's that that v0.01 rdy.

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See edits

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Jep, Doesn't matter if it's a scout or a twin mounted Goliath.

Scout does (In my version of the game at least) 20 damage (normally it's 4 or something) and a Goliath does 2x80.

Against a 2000 Armor and 1000 HP Pod this means 1980 Armor / 999 HP (That's 21DAM total) for the Scout and 1840 / 998 HP(162DAM Total) for the Goliath.

Once the Armor is down to say, 100 Armor, 980 HP, then it goes like 80 / 979 for the scout(21DAM Total) and 0 / 920 for the Goliath. (160DAM Total)

But in all honesty, I think we can think of something better. lol

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