@X-Lord That was actually a mistake, although I'm playing with the idea to switch out the eyes depending on the health or command.

So if the health is low = sad eyes, even if its a military unit.

If command is 'attack', then angry eyes! and so forth

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Work is (very) slowly progressing :)

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Been working on the 3D models for buildings today :)

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Sooo. how would you even start editing this? I suppose you can't drag and drop it into UE4? :'D

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I just downloaded the zipped game, extracted and and ran it on my W10 Laptop.

It just worked! No fix or patch required.

No errors, no glitches! I'm actually pleasantly surprised!

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Hi everybody. I've decided that I'm going to kickstart MachinesUE.

Therefore I'll be hiring one or more freelancers that can supply steady updates to this game. Want to help? Send me a PM or reply in this thread with your skills.

Project Tracking

Getting the old files

  • Extraction from 1999 game - DONE

Sounds / Music / Voices

  • From old game - DONE

Creation of Blender files (3d models)

  • Buildings - DONE
  • Units bases DONE
  • Locomotion DONE
  • Faceplates DONE
  • Weapons DONE
  • Artifacts TO BE STARTED

Static meshes in UE4

  • Buildings DONE
  • Units bases IN PROGRESS
  • Locomotion DONE
  • Faceplates DONE
  • Weapons DONE
  • Artifacts TO BE STARTED

Upscaled Textures in UE4

  • Upscaling to 4K DONE
  • Uploading into UE4 DONE


  • Buildings - DONE
  • Units - IN PROGRESS
  • Artifacts - TO BE STARTED
  • Other - TO BE STARTED


  • Units - TO BE DONE
  • Buildings - TO BE DONE


  • Pathfinding - IN PROGRESS

Resource systems

  • Mining - TO BE STARTED
  • Transporting - TO BE STARTED
  • Resource types - TO BE STARTED

Building systems

  • Selection menu - TO BE IMPROVED
  • Building blueprint - TO BE IMPROVED

As a start we're going to take an existing 'RTS Template' that's based on a bunch of blueprints. First step is to check if this template is any good and if we can use it to build on

The Team

  • Project Management

  • Game Developers
    Tomas N..

Note: We'll be re-using the original files in order to stay true to the 1999 version. Once we have that version (MVP) then we can consider upgrading meshes/textures/etc


MachinesUE Game Files:
Download MachinesUE Game Files
We're going to set up a Subversion, link TBA.

Upload Game Files?
If you want to upload custom sounds/files/models, send me a message for read/write permissions. (You agree to forfeit any rights to intellectual property that you send in, because I can't be bothered to remove anything or pay up when you change your mind!)

MachinesUE will be free, always and I'm not going to make a single penny of of it :) All rights belong to Nightdive Studios!

Reaction Nightdive studio

Hey Wouter,

Thanks for reaching out, you are free to work on fan projects as long as it's not commercialized. If you want to periodically send us updates I'd love to check in on your progress. Also, if you have a pitch doc or a design doc you want to share I'd love to check it out. We've only recently received the source code so unfortunately we haven't had time to do anything with it.



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Since data storage is nearly free nowadays:

Backup - OneDrive

In case this website ever goes down.

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@marvin said:

Hi, I created a Reaper in Blender. It is already rigged and textured. For the Textures it may be helpful to have some basic Materail-Textures for the Metal, so that the Models look not too different. I already created some and if you like them I can share them. ;D

Based on the model, i uploaded two vids. In one animation i just let the legs move, to better support a moving body for aming in first person for example.

//Added: Run Animation:

Here is the Result:

Hey, that's pretty cool

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So, today it took me quite an embarrassingly amount of time to get the functionality of opening up the Construction menu after clicking the 'Construction' command.

But yeah, now I got it. I have not yet found a way to reset the menu to the 'Commands' menu after placing a building or right-clicking. Right now it goes back straight into the 'Construction' menu (like a toggle has been set)

Now I have a 'Cancel' button that takes you back manually to the 'Commands' menu, but still, eh. I need it to reset to the start.

Hopefully I won't get slower returns now I'm reaching the limits of either:

  1. The extremely limited knowledge I have
  2. What the design of this blueprint/template allows.

I think I'm beginning to see major flaws in the design of the template, but we'll see.

PS: I'm really, REALLY effing amazed that there are NO GOOD RTS TEMPLATES ready-to-buy in the UE4 Marketplace. It's so focussed on FPS. Is there nobody with knowledge that thought 'Perhaps a Warcraft 3-Style Menu would really sell?'

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Alright. Today I worked on the GUI and the mechanism of building.

Planning to leave the textures as is, since I can edit them later anyway.

Currently running into some shitty situation with 3Dmodels not being centered which causes them to be built in a location they should not be built. Meh.

Alright, now I want to finish the GUI because it annoys me

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Screwed something up when deleting materials, so I will have to redo all that later. (I basically deleted the data regarding where each skin should be located. Very useful and hours of work to redo. It will be faster to just reimport all model with the right data in there. Until then, I'm going to work on the GUI

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Hi all,

Here's a quick roadmap for the version of OpenMachines I'm creating. Goal here is to enable developers to continue working on it in the far far future. To enable this, I want to build a ready-to-eat development pack that you can download and work on.

Milestone 1 - All models in UE4, skinned & merged (Note: not animated)
This will make the game really visible and nice to look at. Plus, it's crappy work to have to skin all the textures & such. I want to provide a OpenMachines download that's ready-to-go for anybody that wants to start building.

Milestone 2 - All buildings are buildable via GUI
This means that the simple game-mechanics work. Since I'm using a template, harvesting resources & such is already handled. Completing this means I will be able to create Machine City.

Milestone 3 - Add all units to UE4, skinned
Not looking forward to this. I also can't animate, so I will stick to wheels, tracks, fly and hover. Sorry reapers :(

Future Milestones:

  1. Create nice maps
  2. Menu's
  3. Shooting
  4. Other colors (Green, Yellow, Blue)
  5. AI
  6. First Person Controls (If any)
  7. Change resource types

Download latest project here:

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Not sure why I created a new account for this. Was too lazy to check if my password still worked lol

Right now I got 3 building:

  1. Lvl5 Mine
  2. Garrison
  3. Lvl1 Civ Lab

I can't build them yet with the buttons (Only the mine, as shown in the video) - but I'll get there :)

I'll upload the files when I think is appropriate. Would be nice to have ready-to-go OpenMachine UE4 files on the Internets

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I made this guide 11 years ago - I was 15.

This guide is older than Machines was in 2007.

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This forum is an absolute treasure.

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Nearly there.

1999 - 2019

Perhaps celebrate in some way?

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