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@X-Lord Nice :-)

Around the time I posted this thread I experimented with using the waifu2x-Caffe upscaler on Machines textures - results were pretty good for most textures, but they would benefit from some manual work to clean up dithering/banding (8-bit artifacts from original textures), missed edges and colourkey alpha textures (I think gun barrels, etc. use magenta as full transparency, blending the edges may cause pink outlines).

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@Mahmoud said:

Hi, I'm just wondering if you've made any of the let's play videos yet. It's been a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd revive the post.

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11 months ago

Maybe try posting a comment on his YouTube channel (a channel with the same username exists, I assume that's him)

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Awesome :)

Nice group picture.

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@ZemoBladeWalker said:

Just followed your steps. The game boots up but now it crashes at loading screen with memory access error.

Hmm... so far I've found 3 possible causes for memory access errors on loading screens:

  • less than 32MB of VRAM allocated under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - I suggest setting this to at least 64MB (higher values may be useful if running at a very high resolution or if someone makes a high-resolution texture pack)

  • Videocard set to "dgVoodoo Virtual SVGA Card" under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - set it to "dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card".

  • texture(s) in unsupported formats in the models folder (seems unlikely in this case)

I'll keep trying different things.

Were you able to get in-game before you installed dgVoodoo 2?
What graphics card and operating system are you using?

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All I did was downloading the files from this forum in the section dedicated to the game itself (the one that appears on the main page).
Maybe I downloaded an incomplete version. Or maybe I missed a step.

You didn't miss anything - due to the limitations of the ISO format, the music is not present in the Disk 2 ISO files available from the site.

Until someone updates the downloads with disk images in a format that supports CD audio, the instructions I posted are the only way I know of to get working music using the files available here.

(another possibility might be to use the soundtrack files in conjunction with an audio wrapper like _inmm.dll or ogg-winmm)

I'll try to follow the instructions from the last item and see what happens.

Good luck, hope it works for you.

shubhamchugh said:

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The CUE / BIN files you're using - were they

• converted directly from a CD2 ISO (or other format) file - (won't work as far as I know)
• downloaded from somewhere - (reliability depends on the original creator)
• created from a physical CD2
• made using these instructions (using the Machines Disk 2 ISO and soundtrack files from this site)

Once music is working you should be able to hear it almost immediately after launching the game - music should play over the first loading screen, logo videos, and in the main menu.

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I'll have to test it again next time I get access to a PC with Windows 10 installed, but I remember dgVoodoo 2 fixing similar graphical issues last time I tried it - do you still have it installed?

EDIT: andreasaspenberg claimed that the options menu causes pink squares (even with dgVoodoo) on their AMD graphics card, and that avoiding the options menu avoids the problem - don't know if that would apply to you (or if it's reliable info), but thought I'd mention it just in case.
I don't have any AMD graphics cards to test things with.

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Is machines.exe set to run in a compatibility mode? If so, try unchecking that option (right-click on machines.exe → "Properties" → "Compatibility" tab).
So far this is the only thing I've found that causes the music volume slider to reset to 0 - at least on Windows 7.

(hopefully compatibility modes aren't required for the game to run on Windows 10...)

Running as an administrator could help, in case a user permission is preventing the game from reading/writing settings to the registry.

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Not (currently / directly) Machines-related, but the creator of dgVoodoo, Dege, recently posted this:

I have an announcement:
This week I became affiliated with Good Old Games which means that GoG can now utilize dgVoodoo2 for their game releases.

Bodes well for future pre-DirectX 9 game releases on

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@pianist88 You might get better performance if you install dgVoodoo 2.

Some parts of the game may still run a bit slow at times - I think maps with day/night cycle might suffer from some weird performance issues on modern computers.

Sorry for the late reply.

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