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Hmm, everything appears to be in the right places...
I followed the tutorial myself and didn't encounter any issues (aside from black textures in DirectX Viewer, which it seems @X-Lord has also run into).

Maybe metaex has some problem with the formatting of the mini.csp file? It's hard to tell what the latter portion of that error is without being able to look up the line in the metaex source code.
I attached my mini.csp - can you see any differences?

If the files are the same, I don't know what's going on. Hopefully it's not some weird Windows 10 compatibility issue...

PS: Machines doesn't seem to like small maps like this at widescreen resolutions - the camera would flicker rapidly whenever I tried to pan around unless I zoomed in a bit.

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That first command is for navigating Command Prompt to your Machines install folder. If yours is in the "Machines WFW" folder in your screenshot, then the command would be:
CD "C:\Users\[your_username_here]\Downloads\Machines WFW\"

For the second command to work, you need to have metaex.exe in the same folder as mach1.met. Extract into the Machines install folder if you haven't already.

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Getting Half-Life 2: Episode Two Hunter flashbacks...

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Filled as much space as possible without cropping the outer Warlords off or stretching everything:


1280x600 is an unusual resolution - does Machines allow you to select 1920x1080 in the options menu?

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If you have some spare time and a blank CD you can try following these instructions to make a copy of CD2 with (hopefully) working music using files available from As far as I know, it should be the English version...

Is Machines set to run in a compatibility mode? Some compatibility modes break the CD audio.

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@Warharvest_ said:

Can anyone make this image 1920 x 1080 and enhance it?
Awesome background.jpg

16:9 crop:
Enhanced wide cropped

4:3 full frame

Don't think much more can be done without turning it into a painting :p

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@X-Lord Nice :-)

Around the time I posted this thread I experimented with using the waifu2x-Caffe upscaler on Machines textures - results were pretty good for most textures, but they would benefit from some manual work to clean up dithering/banding (8-bit artifacts from original textures), missed edges and colourkey alpha textures (I think gun barrels, etc. use magenta as full transparency, blending the edges may cause pink outlines).

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@Mahmoud said:

Hi, I'm just wondering if you've made any of the let's play videos yet. It's been a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd revive the post.

Last Online
11 months ago

Maybe try posting a comment on his YouTube channel (a channel with the same username exists, I assume that's him)

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Awesome :)

Nice group picture.

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@ZemoBladeWalker said:

Just followed your steps. The game boots up but now it crashes at loading screen with memory access error.

Hmm... so far I've found 3 possible causes for memory access errors on loading screens:

  • less than 32MB of VRAM allocated under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - I suggest setting this to at least 64MB (higher values may be useful if running at a very high resolution or if someone makes a high-resolution texture pack)

  • Videocard set to "dgVoodoo Virtual SVGA Card" under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - set it to "dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card".

  • texture(s) in unsupported formats in the models folder (seems unlikely in this case)

I'll keep trying different things.

Were you able to get in-game before you installed dgVoodoo 2?
What graphics card and operating system are you using?

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