@X-Lord Nice :-)

Around the time I posted this thread I experimented with using the waifu2x-Caffe upscaler on Machines textures - results were pretty good for most textures, but they would benefit from some manual work to clean up dithering/banding (8-bit artifacts from original textures), missed edges and colourkey alpha textures (I think gun barrels, etc. use magenta as full transparency, blending the edges may cause pink outlines).

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@Mahmoud said:

Hi, I'm just wondering if you've made any of the let's play videos yet. It's been a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd revive the post.

Last Online
11 months ago

Maybe try posting a comment on his YouTube channel (a channel with the same username exists, I assume that's him)

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Awesome :)

Nice group picture.

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@ZemoBladeWalker said:

Just followed your steps. The game boots up but now it crashes at loading screen with memory access error.

Hmm... so far I've found 3 possible causes for memory access errors on loading screens:

  • less than 32MB of VRAM allocated under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - I suggest setting this to at least 64MB (higher values may be useful if running at a very high resolution or if someone makes a high-resolution texture pack)

  • Videocard set to "dgVoodoo Virtual SVGA Card" under the DirectX tab in dgVoodooSetup.exe (dgVoodoo 2.53) / dgVoodooCpl.exe (dgVoodoo 2.54) - set it to "dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card".

  • texture(s) in unsupported formats in the models folder (seems unlikely in this case)

I'll keep trying different things.

Were you able to get in-game before you installed dgVoodoo 2?
What graphics card and operating system are you using?

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All I did was downloading the files from this forum in the section dedicated to the game itself (the one that appears on the main page).
Maybe I downloaded an incomplete version. Or maybe I missed a step.

You didn't miss anything - due to the limitations of the ISO format, the music is not present in the Disk 2 ISO files available from the site.

Until someone updates the downloads with disk images in a format that supports CD audio, the instructions I posted are the only way I know of to get working music using the files available here.

(another possibility might be to use the soundtrack files in conjunction with an audio wrapper like _inmm.dll or ogg-winmm)

I'll try to follow the instructions from the last item and see what happens.

Good luck, hope it works for you.

shubhamchugh said:

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Spam bots?

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The CUE / BIN files you're using - were they

• converted directly from a CD2 ISO (or other format) file - (won't work as far as I know)
• downloaded from somewhere - (reliability depends on the original creator)
• created from a physical CD2
• made using these instructions (using the Machines Disk 2 ISO and soundtrack files from this site)

Once music is working you should be able to hear it almost immediately after launching the game - music should play over the first loading screen, logo videos, and in the main menu.

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I'll have to test it again next time I get access to a PC with Windows 10 installed, but I remember dgVoodoo 2 fixing similar graphical issues last time I tried it - do you still have it installed?

EDIT: andreasaspenberg claimed that the options menu causes pink squares (even with dgVoodoo) on their AMD graphics card, and that avoiding the options menu avoids the problem - don't know if that would apply to you (or if it's reliable info), but thought I'd mention it just in case.
I don't have any AMD graphics cards to test things with.

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Is machines.exe set to run in a compatibility mode? If so, try unchecking that option (right-click on machines.exe → "Properties" → "Compatibility" tab).
So far this is the only thing I've found that causes the music volume slider to reset to 0 - at least on Windows 7.

(hopefully compatibility modes aren't required for the game to run on Windows 10...)

Running as an administrator could help, in case a user permission is preventing the game from reading/writing settings to the registry.

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Not (currently / directly) Machines-related, but the creator of dgVoodoo, Dege, recently posted this:

I have an announcement:
This week I became affiliated with Good Old Games which means that GoG can now utilize dgVoodoo2 for their game releases.

Bodes well for future pre-DirectX 9 game releases on GOG.com.

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@pianist88 You might get better performance if you install dgVoodoo 2.

Some parts of the game may still run a bit slow at times - I think maps with day/night cycle might suffer from some weird performance issues on modern computers.

Sorry for the late reply.

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You could try using Machines Loader to play the game without a CD in the drive - the game won't be able to play music if it can't find any...
You may need to copy the flics folder from each disc into the Machines install folder if you want the campaign videos to play.

If Machines Loader doesn't work for you, you could try making an ISO image of your CD and mounting that in a virtual drive instead of using your physical CD. (game will detect the CD as being in the drive, but ISO files don't store CD audio tracks)

(I think the slider issue is due to a change in how CD audio works in Windows Vista (maybe XP?) onwards - seems like CD audio volume can't be adjusted separately from overall volume anymore, so both sliders in-game do the same thing.)

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I'm not sure what to suggest for the fog issue. Don't know if dgVoodoo works under Wine, but it could be worth trying.

For the main menu size, there is a setting in the options menu called "Screen Resolution Lock".

  • If it is checked, the menu displays at the selected in-game resolution with black borders all around
  • If unchecked, the menu tries to run at 640x480 (resulting in resolution switching every time you access it if you have a different in-game resolution selected). Scaling or lack thereof would be handled by the display driver / Wine / monitor.

If for some reason the checkbox toggle doesn't work, the setting is saved in the registry under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Acclaim Entertainment → Machines → Screen Resolution

(assuming the registry structure is the same as on Windows)

Change the value Lock Resolution to 0 or 1 for off / on.

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@schubot That sounds unpleasant o_O

The issue might be fixable by installing dgVoodoo 2 - instructions here

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then, even burn a CD with files cd 2 + OST of the game, not work, because even so the volume of the music is bugged on current "windows"?

On Windows Vista and newer, Machines will always play music at full volume - which can make some sound effects and voices difficult to hear (even with the SFX volume turned up).

To make a new CD 2 disc image or physical disc with working music using files from the CD 2 ISO and the OST files:

I suggest using PowerISO to create the image (unregistered version worked for this despite usually having a 300MB size limit) and Daemon Tools Lite to mount it. PowerISO can be used to write to a CD if desired.

  1. Run PowerISO.
  2. Create a mixed-mode CD image.
  3. Add the files from the Machines CD 2 ISO to the data track.
  4. Add the OST music files as audio tracks.
  5. Label the disc image as "MACHINES_DISK_2".
  6. Save as MACHINES_DISK_2.BIN.

At this point you could try burning the image to a CD. It might actually be easier and more convenient than using it in a virtual drive. Default burning settings in PowerISO seemed to work fine.

Continuing instructions below are for mounting the new disc image in a virtual drive:

  1. Exit PowerISO
  2. Run Daemon Tools Lite
  3. Mount MACHINES_DISK_2.CUE file (should be in the same folder as MACHINES_DISK_2.BIN).
    Ensure the virtual drive is assigned a drive letter "before" any existing physical disc drives. If you have a DVD drive assigned "E", the virtual drive needs to be A, B, C or D, otherwise Machines (probably) won't play the music.
    If you can't select the right drive letter using Daemon Tools Lite, you can use the Windows Disk Management tool to change it separately.
  4. Play Machines.

Good luck, hopefully one of those methods works for you

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@AndrewTooie I think Machines will playback any currently-inserted audio CD - one time I accidentally left my MechWarrior 3 disc in the drive and launched Machines, and Machines played the MechWarrior 3 menu music. o_O

If you burn the Machines soundtrack to an audio CD (or create an audio CD image), the game might play that. Not sure if the track order and timing would be correct. Would probably need the Machines Loader to bypass the disc check.

Machines CD 2 would normally have the in-game music on it, but if you're using an ISO image file (like the one available from this site) the music won't be present, as the ISO file format does not support separate audio CD tracks.
A CUE/BIN format image of CD 2 may work - if one can be acquired. (maybe if someone asks Hayden very nicely)

Unfortunately the in-game music volume control doesn't work on modern versions of Windows (probably due to lack of a CD audio volume control - last time I saw it was Windows XP), so the music tends to drown out some sound effects.

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@Asdam Yay :)

Yeah, I was on the original forum - hopefully I'm a bit more useful and less annoying this time around :P
The original WiredForWar forum is archived here.

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@Asdam If you run the dgVoodooSetup.exe program included in the dgVoodoo2_53.zip archive, you can change settings to fix those issues:

  1. Run dgVoodooSetup.exe (located in C:\Games\dgVoodoo\ if you followed my instructions from earlier in this thread)

  2. In the General tab, check the Enumerate refresh rates checkbox.

  3. In the DirectX tab, uncheck the dgVoodoo Watermark checkbox.

  4. Try running Machines.

  5. If Machines still doesn't run at the desired refresh rate, try forcing the desired resolution / refresh rate using the Resolution drop-down box under the DirectX tab.

    (If you force a resolution different to the resolution selected in-game, you might encounter various issues. If the mouse cursor is constrained to a small area in the top-left corner of the screen, try unchecking the Capture mouse checkbox in the General tab of dgVoodooSetup.)

The resolution forcing functionality in dgVoodooSetup can also be used to run Machines at higher resolutions than it would normally support - for example, if you wanted to run at 3840x2160 (either native or using something like Nvidia DSR):

  1. Run Machines normally and set 1920x1080 resolution in-game.
  2. Run dgVoodooSetup.exe
  3. In the General tab, uncheck the Capture mouse checkbox.
  4. In the DirectX tab, select 3840x2160 resolution in the Resolution drop-down box
  5. Run Machines

Machines running at 3840x2160 :D

The resolution selected in-game determines the size of the UI and the aspect ratio.
The UI may appear pixelated, but all 3D elements should be rendered at the forced resolution.

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That error could be caused by a few different things:

  • graphics driver / monitor not making that resolution available to Machines
  • Windows or hardware compatibility issues preventing the game starting correctly

Potential fixes:

1. Change the Machines resolution settings in the Windows registry

(I don't have a PC running Windows 10 available to test this on at the moment, hopefully this hasn't changed too much since Windows 7)

Method A - (hopefully) easy mode
I made a .reg file which should change the resolution Machines uses to 1024x768 (in-game and in menus):

  1. Download this file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1YCSlkNSMaSZXNtZW5McEhwaE0
    Click the download button in the top-right corner and save the file to your desktop.
  2. Double-click the Machines_Screen-Resolution.reg file.
  3. When asked if you want to continue, read the warning, then click Yes (*)
  4. Run Machines.
    If you want, you can delete the Machines_Screen-Resolution.reg file.

(*) You can check what settings a .reg file modifies by right-clicking on it and clicking "Edit" - worth doing if you're not sure you can trust the source of the file.

Method B - manual mode
If you don't trust the .reg file I linked to above, or if you want/need to set a different resolution via the registry:

  1. Click in the search box on the Windows taskbar and type "regedit", then click on the regedit.exe search result.
  2. Navigate through the registry by double-clicking the keys or clicking the dropdown arrows
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Acclaim Entertainment → Machines → Screen Resolution
  3. There should be three values here: Height , Lock Resolution and Width
    If they are not present you can create them:
        3a. Right-click in the blank space on the right side below (Default), move the mouse cursor over "New", then click "DWORD (32-bit) Value"
        3b. Name the new value Height
        3c. Repeat for Lock Resolution and Width
  4. Right-click on a value, then click "Modify...". In the dialog box that appears, change the Base to Decimal each time:
        For Lock Resolution , change the "Value data" to 1
        For Width , change the "Value data" to 1024
        For Height , change the "Value data" to 768
  5. Exit Registry Editor.
  6. Run Machines.

If the game runs after this step, you may be able to change the resolution through the in-game options menu - try setting it to match your native monitor resolution.
Note: resolutions over 2000 pixels wide might not work. 1920x1080 is the highest I can test currently.

2. Install dgVoodoo 2

If the above fix didn't work or you experience graphical glitches and/or poor performance - or you just want Machines to look a bit nicer...

Try the instructions here: http://wiredforwar.org/topic/77/machines-and-windows-10/14

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@Pisarz A few people lurking, but not much posting happening.

I guess the site might wake up a bit if Night Dive Studios re-releases Machines...

(Night Dive either working towards obtaining or have the rights to Machines as of 4th November 2015)
(check ~1:03:40 on the linked Fragments of Silicon podcast episode)

(Night Dive working on a re-release as of 30th April 2016 - if that quote is real)

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I haven't heard of a 1.5 patch for Machines- any chance you meant 1.15?

If so, that version still seems to be available from http://www.machinesthegame.co.uk/
(click the "H" on the MACHINES logo, then "downloads")

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