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Truly impressive.

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BTW. I think this topic should be renamed to "Early Alpha/Beta/demo versions" ^^


We currently have no information about this material, except @Aquarillis who said that still has some promotional material that was scanned a long time ago. The rest is scattered in this forum.

The forum is not dead, but its activity is irregular.

I don`t have the knowledge to manipulate the data from your disk, but some of us might be able to (@Judas @bilal @M123 @Hayden).

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Same here. It's difficult whe you have to sart from zero. But there was some excitement some months ago due to the possibility that Night Dive Studios might make a remake.
Maybe we'll see Eden 4 once again.
Eden 4.png

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@M123 Yes, it should look more angular, less organic.

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@Warharvest_ Their eyes! How did you change them? Nice shot!

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@Warharvest_ Good shot! It reminds me of the Atlantis movie:


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It worked!!! It works perfectly!
Thank you :)

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I think it is the first item. I have not tried the last one.
All I did was downloading the files from this forum in the section dedicated to the game itself (the one that appears on the main page).
Maybe I downloaded an incomplete version. Or maybe I missed a step.
I'll try to follow the instructions from the last item and see what happens.
Again, thank you!

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