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It is quite interesting the fact that the storyline changed at least 4 times!

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@TotalDemise These are great! I really like the key map and the CD back cover. I never saw the first with so much detail, and the later was unknown to me until now. Also, everything is in excellent condition!

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@username_1 Hi! Any luck with that?

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@antrad Nice idea!

In my case, not being English my native language, and having many difficulties compared with my peers, I had a hard time understanding what I was supposed to do, or how to play properly. The box was translated, but not the game. This meant that I only played skirmish missions, especially the ones were mining, researching or building are not reqired.

I moved several times, and the game stopped working on newer operative systems; since I was not tech-savvy to know that that could be solved, I discarded it, with sorrow, partly because I was never able to really enjoy it.

Several years later, after becoming the best student of my English class, I was able to navigate the Internet without my long-lasting language barrier. I could learn faster about things that are unavailable in Spanish even today. Hence, out of curiosity, I looked for it, and found the old forum. I downloaded the demo, and finished it, but was unable to make the full game work. Time passed by, and the forum died and resurged from the ashes. This time, however, things turned out differently... not only I managed to download it and make it work with the help of this forum, I finished it.

It was a delightful, yet challenging experience. Nostalgia was replaced by fulfillment. But now, longing seems to strike back. Will MACHINES 2 come to life? I think that it can occur sometime in the future, but first, we have to learn a certain set of skills.

I believe that this game was not only a pioneering product, too advanced for its time, but also an excellent example of how good design can convey a backstory beyond the explicit one. There are some clues throughout the game that could explain why the machines' designs or architecture look like that, how were they programmed, and why there is not a single trace of humanity.

Also, the game presents some elements that, to me, are references to previous science fiction works, making the game more interesting.

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@lew Hi!
I recently had many issues to handle (moved to another apartment, etc.). Yet, I managed to recover all the files from my PC, and the game (final product, not the demos) works OK :)

I'll see what I can do. Sorry for the delay.

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@DavidCorben Hi! That mission was hard for me too! I barely made it with very few units.

To win the mission I did the following:

First, I advanced slowly, using flanking tactics to maximize firepower (which minimized damage taken by my units, since the faster I killed the enemy, the less their assault would last).

Second, I attacked one unit at a time, preventing the enemy to get too close and in numbers larger than what I could handle.

Third, I destroyed turrets using reapers in first person mode, positioning
myself out of their range.

Fourth, I explored the area using a fast unit, while keeping my squad behind in the formation aforementioned. Then I returned that unit to my squad, maintaining my unit density as high as possible.

Fifth, I never retreated as a squad; I always retreated while scouting. Instead, I moved my squad inching my way through the areas previously explored.

Basic Tactics.png

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@bilal Thanks!

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8 & 9

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save0014.sav save0013.sav save0012.sav save0011.sav save0010.sav save0009.sav save0008.sav save0007.sav save0006.sav save0005.sav save0004.sav save0003.sav save0002.sav save0001.sav save0000.sav playinfo.bin

Eden 4
Midian (surface & interior)

I was not organized, but at least you should be able to access any level from the campaign.

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