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The way I did it was by using Judas Warlord type Commanders, a lot of patience, and saving the game each time I made a small progress. Inching my way through the corridors y managed to convert enough enemy machines to increase my numbers, and by generating havoc in the enemy lines I avoided the destruction of my most valuable units. It is vital to use Scavengers as well.

The Fog of War was on, I simply explored the entire map, slowly, very slowly, by securing the entrances to the vaults I cleared.

This level requires your best strategies rather than your best tactics: the way you administer resources is more important than how you fight.

Also, by retaining control of the entrances to your strongholds, you will force Midian units to move in rows, going one by one towards your "guards", preventing them to spread and increase their firepower (basically you'll increase your surface area, maximizing your number of units while reducing theirs):



Furthermore, an easy way to stop the Midian Controller from generating units fast is by puting your own units on the factories' platforms. That way they cannot spawn despite being ready.

I hope this helps!

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I decided to start uploading screenshots of the game to make it more popular, since usually gameplay videos are viewed mostly in 3rd person, and the environments cannot be fully appreciated.
Behold! The surface of Midian, the blue race's homeworld!

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@antrad said:

So close and yet so far :(

As long as we can keep it alive, with contributions like yours it is not too far away!

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@antrad Thank you!

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Not lucky :(
My PC had to be repaired, so I probably have to start from zero installing certain things that I had installed for the final game.

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WOW!!! We were originally the bad guys! The Red Race was truly malfunctional after all:

"Years passed and one race of machines on the planet Eden 4 suffered severe damage due to electrical storms. Most of the controller’s memory was damaged but the controller continued to function. The damaged machines continued to build until they exhausted all of the resources on Eden 4. The planet surface is now littered with steel and the controller decides that to further colonize, it must seed another planet. The planet they reach already is home to another race of machines, and a fierce battle for the planet’s resources begins."

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@lew This is excellent! Great news indeed! As soon as I can I'll see if it works. Thank you :)

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Truly impressive.

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BTW. I think this topic should be renamed to "Early Alpha/Beta/demo versions" ^^


We currently have no information about this material, except @Aquarillis who said that still has some promotional material that was scanned a long time ago. The rest is scattered in this forum.

The forum is not dead, but its activity is irregular.

I don`t have the knowledge to manipulate the data from your disk, but some of us might be able to (@Judas @bilal @M123 @Hayden).

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Same here. It's difficult whe you have to sart from zero. But there was some excitement some months ago due to the possibility that Night Dive Studios might make a remake.
Maybe we'll see Eden 4 once again.
Eden 4.png

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