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@Takeel Hi! Try asking on the Discord server as well ( I don't know how to fix it, but there are others there that could give you a hand!

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@Hepativore Hi! I only know about Judas' modding guide in here. But as far as I know, there are no new maps. You can join us on Discord too! There is more activity there.

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@WICKED-WAITER Glad to have you around! We have a discord server as well:

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I used to leave some enemy structures so that I could build a pretty base and prepare squads in interseting formations to make cool screenshots. Skirmish, to me, is like a sandbox to play around once you wipe out the enemy, or to witness cool battles without having to build an army.

group_photo.png Green_army_cut.png

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@wildh0rse Did you make it? :)

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@antrad Now I see. I thought it was for something like a hill only.

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@antrad You are right! I think that that texture does not look like rocks only: rather than a pure surface, I visualized roots, dirt, dead moss, etc. (like the image below).

01 (1).jpg

Something similar like in the game Hunt: Showdown, where there are huge piles of dead organic material, such as the base of a tree long fallen, with all its roots exposed still clenching dry soil and little rocks (can't look for an example right now).

That would be a design choice only if we were to define how a satisfactory output should look like, but your example provides what should become marks on the rocks, and your video shows clear improvements which are almost magical (like putting on my glasses!).

I think that a good way to see how to improve this specific texture would be to take a look at its adjacent ones during gameplay, but to give you a better response, I should learn more about this technology.

The one with the yellow flowers is truly impressive!

Also, making that surface look like more than just rocks could change the game's visual languaje, which is intended to be bit cartoony, so that kind of upgrade could go against how the whole composition should look, which reminds me of games' concept art: the results in the video are so good that it looks as if the game became more "itself", as if it where turned into an even more "original" version, closer to concept art, rather than merely being upgraded.

So it would be interesting to see the result you are looking for and compare the scene where it is being applied, just like you did in the video.

I currently don't have time, but it would also be interesting if I modify with Photoshop this texture to make it look like what I think you want.

I'll see your blog's content in more detail after the exams; it looks very interesting! And I loved this title:

Fixing a GPU by baking it in an oven - It actually works !

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@antrad I published your other post on the Discord group just to make sure it reaches @martin.

About your last post, I was thinking about a situation where there are few exceptions given a good overall performance. My ignorance about that technology is almost absolute, but given that the results are promising, maybe some textures could be fixed manually (not necessarily by you, but by me):

The one you posted

Green (moss)

Brown (Autumn)

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@antrad What if the problematic ones are corrected using Photoshop? Because the second one is impressive.

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The lack of Ion Cannon attacks is due to, if I'm not mistaken, the fact that you took out satelllite support on the previous mission.

Also, the fact that Midian prefers ballistic instead of plasma weaponry is justified by the fact that the "tech tree" gives the player, in the campaign, long-range weapons first, which is then compensated later, as if each race had taken different developmental or evolutionary paths.

This mission was very difficult for me, and had to recur to drastic measures.

Your commentary about the lack of Ion strikes on the surface of Midian reminds me of this:

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