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These are some MSPaint works I did :)
2020 - 09 - 09_014.png
2020 - 09 - 08_8.png
2020 - 08 - 21_025.png
2020 - 08 - 19_3.png
2020 - 08 - 19_2.png
2020 - 08 - 14_3.png
2020 - 07 - 13_10_B.png
2020 - 05 - 24.png
2020 - 05 - 23 - 7.png
2020 - 05 - 23 - 6.png
2020 - 05 - 22.png
2020 - 05 - 21.png
2020 - 05 - 20 - No stylus challenge.png
2020 - 05 - 19 - MACHINES.png

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"@everyone Hi, looks like things spread quite quickly on the internet. To all those who asked for the source code - I just want to let you know that all formalities with the current game owner have been completed and they agreed to publish it under GPLv3. This applies to code only. Check out NDS fork if you wish:

Let me know if you need developer access, Pull Request review or something."

(From our Discord server:

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@Dream-Devourer Hi! You can check our Discord server (we are more active there):

@martin is the one who has the code (same username there) :)

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@Takeel Hi! Try asking on the Discord server as well ( I don't know how to fix it, but there are others there that could give you a hand!

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@Hepativore Hi! I only know about Judas' modding guide in here. But as far as I know, there are no new maps. You can join us on Discord too! There is more activity there.

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@WICKED-WAITER Glad to have you around! We have a discord server as well:

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I used to leave some enemy structures so that I could build a pretty base and prepare squads in interseting formations to make cool screenshots. Skirmish, to me, is like a sandbox to play around once you wipe out the enemy, or to witness cool battles without having to build an army.

group_photo.png Green_army_cut.png

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@wildh0rse Did you make it? :)

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@antrad Now I see. I thought it was for something like a hill only.

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