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Hi there!
Yeah, very creative of you to find such alternative ways to win the missions. I really enjoyed watching it. Great work!

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I don't really get it. I cannot launch any Pods, because the Vessels are not in orbit of any planet. But if I write any orbit command, then it responds with Vessel X is already orbiting that planet. Did I miss something?

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Sentimental journey :)

Yet still the guide is pure gold!

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Yeah, the worst rated part of Machines is the AI... I keep my fingers crossed that you can accomplish something meaningful following this tutorial! Never hesitate to ask for help. Maybe I can help you with simple C++ algorithms.

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@Radler I don't know UE, there could be a problem with backward compability.

But yeah, to be honest, I read it like it was 4.1.8 - hence my comment :D

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What worked for @BeVeRenT- and what he forgot to mention was the IPXwrapper and hamachi network. This allowed him to choose "IPX CONNECTION FOR DIRECTPLAY" in the multiplayer options.

Glad to hear :)

Try this AntiLag patch and see if the connection is more stable: AntiLag.reg

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What about suggestions from this topic What's more I'm from Poland too, so we can get in touch and try it out together as I own the original discs too and have played some multiplayer games.

You could also try searching for possible solutions here: For example one that I've found says:

  • Yesterday I tried to play with Automatic, but we couldn't find each others game. Then we set the Hamachi Network to a Home network, instead of public network. Then he was able to join my game.

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you can play the music in the background with a music player of your choice :) just get the soundtrack from here: Machines OST.

I have the original discs and still the music won't play.

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This is what I've managed to achieve:

using some enhanced terrain textures and FullHD.

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