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Thanks, glad to read something interesting after a while.

The "Fire Turret Exploit" is so cool. I've never thought of doing that :)

I find the "Military Fortress" pretty difficult at the beginning and I'm still having issues trying to destroy the Satellite Uplink. If you have any tactics for this part I would be more than happy to read them.

As soon as I get a triple plasma cannon knight, then with some luck I can shred enemy to pieces using this guy alone ^^

I also find "Take the Pass" and "Behind Enemy Lines" to be the best missions but I don't agree in regards to "Disable Relay Station Force Shield". This mission is different, challanging and you can't really use your 1st person advantage with wasps and on such small ground area.

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Thanks for bringing the site back online :)

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Which mods do you try to play? You have corrupted mach1.met file. If you adjusted it yourself then it's possible that you made a simple mistake where a single character is missing and then the game won't start.

I really recommend using a version control system like Git or Subversion. It helps you track your changes and it's then easy to spot errors or revert back to working settings after unsuccessful mass edit :).

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This was really entertaining. Thanks! Around 20 min it was hot :) There were some stupid Machines losses but nonetheless, great achievement.

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Try this mach1.met. Just copy it it your game folder. Don't forget to backup the original file.

Play only new skirmish maps with:

  • default starting resources
  • low starting tech-level
  • fixed position

Every skirmish map default BMUs is 50k. Low tech-level means low for you and medium for the AI. Fixed position makes the AI always ally with each other. Constructors and technicians are faster and better.

If you want any other enhancements just follow Judas modding guide. It's simple and can let you adjust the skirmish levels to be quite challanging :)

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I have three remarks after playing some campaign missions.

  • On Talon/Talok Prime (snowy map with eradicators) the voice message is played in infinite loop
  • In the mission Espionage and Kidnapping where one has to command a treachery attack of a commandant, one of the two commandants appear in the wrong place, nearby the starting point, making this mission very easy
  • Sometimes the sounds of Machines dissappear or sounds of Machines fighting far away is to be heard during 1st person mode
  • Homeworld - the game was minimized and the console was shown stating that a model could not be extracted from .x file(something like that)?
  • Final Assault - the game suddenly shut down with no error messages etc.
  • The Controller - crazy things happened with Judas Warlords.
    *The treachery attack haven't worked for some time from time to time.
    *Sometimes Judas Warlords changed colors from friendly fire?

Other than these small issues everything's perfect for now. Congrats :)

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@martin yeah I disconnected my external display and it worked. Maximum playable resolution for me was 1600x900 60Hz on my Full HD 144Hz display.

The models I enlarged, and are available somewhere on the forums, are also compatible with an exception that fire and smoke directories should not be overwritten.

I had to disable the 3D sound as it messed with my head. I heard some shots on the right but the shooter was on the left and so on.

Playing some Battles gave me an impression that better performance influenced the gameplay a little. E.g. on Midian the mighty wasps were overwhelmed by the not-so-efficient north forces alone.

I have to try out some campaign missions and compare the impressions as well.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

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Wow, didn't expect such a big thing :) Great job there Martin!

The game loads straight from the files, there is the in-game music, new Acclaim logo (for what reason? ;).

I only have problems with setting the resolution. I've tried with Options menu and config.xml as well but without any effects. It shows the right resolution in Options but besides that nothing changed. Could you investigate that? What information do you need that would be of any value in resolving my issue?

Once again, great job.

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@Flopshel @M123 thank you for your dgVoodoo recommendation and tips. I've just switched to Win10, the game runs perfect and I even have the in-game music again! Much appreciated!

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