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@Springpaw this has nothing to do, that Wireshark is a default program to launch the vidcard.cap file.

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@Warharvest_ Oh sorry there. I've uploaded a non latest version of my models. Yes I have a fix for that one and some other problems like reaper's auto cannon pink background. The fix is simple - smaller resolution of selected models :)

Please use the models attached

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You can also try the software. It supports Machines.

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Another suggestion is to use the with which I was able to play Machines online.

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@M123 @JRL101
Back in 2011 I enlarged (using some quality-assuring algorithms) all the texture4 files. This includes all the machines, buildings and weapons. The effect is pretty cool if you ask me. You can see for yourself:

Just download the zip and extract it to your Machines/models/texture4 and texture2 folders.

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@GTheBlack @mb
I have those files - downloaded yesterday from the old forums (it worked somehow, but is not available anymore).

Check these files here:

The zip consists of all software needed to follow the

I've just added a comment to the article, if you could support me I would be very grateful.

Good to see something's happening in Machines Community :)

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