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Hello there,

  1. It's hard to find someone with time for setting and playing Machines these days. Recently I've played a match with @BeVeRenT-. Try and ask him directly.
  2. There are quite a lot of mods in the Modding section There are mods with enhanced graphics, increasing max unit size or some custom scenarios available on the forums
    The AI intelligence is impossible to change, but you can try changing the settings in parmdata to make the AI build better, produce more units, change attack squads, improve machines speed/damage/accuracy etc. See here

Good luck and have fun!

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Hi there!
Yeah, very creative of you to find such alternative ways to win the missions. I really enjoyed watching it. Great work!

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I don't really get it. I cannot launch any Pods, because the Vessels are not in orbit of any planet. But if I write any orbit command, then it responds with Vessel X is already orbiting that planet. Did I miss something?

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Sentimental journey :)

Yet still the guide is pure gold!

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Yeah, the worst rated part of Machines is the AI... I keep my fingers crossed that you can accomplish something meaningful following this tutorial! Never hesitate to ask for help. Maybe I can help you with simple C++ algorithms.

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@Radler I don't know UE, there could be a problem with backward compability.

But yeah, to be honest, I read it like it was 4.1.8 - hence my comment :D

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What worked for @BeVeRenT- and what he forgot to mention was the IPXwrapper and hamachi network. This allowed him to choose "IPX CONNECTION FOR DIRECTPLAY" in the multiplayer options.

Glad to hear :)

Try this AntiLag patch and see if the connection is more stable: AntiLag.reg

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What about suggestions from this topic What's more I'm from Poland too, so we can get in touch and try it out together as I own the original discs too and have played some multiplayer games.

You could also try searching for possible solutions here: For example one that I've found says:

  • Yesterday I tried to play with Automatic, but we couldn't find each others game. Then we set the Hamachi Network to a Home network, instead of public network. Then he was able to join my game.

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you can play the music in the background with a music player of your choice :) just get the soundtrack from here: Machines OST.

I have the original discs and still the music won't play.

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